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  1. Victorious has been based in the parcels sidings at York station for weeks now; has the occasional runs out - I assume for training or route learning. https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/brclass37/e8f635ba2 on 1 May 2021 It is easily seen on the free to see Railcam for York station. Paul
  2. We don't know the number of the one in the photos, but may well this one which certainly wasn't either old or cruddy when condemned a year later than those photos https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/gwrmonster/e2bbc3fcb Antiquated yes. Would be big in 7mm - those photos show a nice comparison with GUVs alongside. Paul
  3. Grimethorpe 66 https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/grimethorpecoalite/e6bbc36d5 - completely different brake rigging, from a hopper, clasp brakes on one side with no brake shoes at all on the other side. Grimethorpe 142 https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/grimethorpecoalite/e6f36a620 - completely different brake rigging, from a hopper. Grimethorpe 166 https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/grimethorpecoalite/e69a20522 - completely different brake rigging, from a hopper. I wasn't aware of these being modelled, so don't blame the messenger. It would
  4. As you say, the rebodying was later than the topic asks. It went on for many years from the late 1960s; Before that and more relevant is that there was replating of the lower parts of the sides and repainting sometimes just of the replating, although at others times it was left to rust very rapidly. A couple of examples, also out of time https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/brmineralweld/e38921d42 https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/brmineralweld/e2d29e405 https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/mineralrivet/e2c561900 Paul
  5. https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/brferryopen Paul
  6. I cannot separate out my photos of the plant from the engineers sidings nearer London on the East side. And this only finds a few of them Paul Bartlett's Photographs | Search (zenfolio.com) Searching for Hitchin. I have a number of the On track plant, some condemned as mentioned. The maroon departmental https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/internal04xxxxer/e2eb3bf6d Interesting place, I've not visited for many years. I always used to look out for it when passing on a train, and the gap in the low embankment where the engineers depot was entered. Very friendly staff in there, was an i
  7. Mark I've already linked to my photos of them. Paul
  8. The style of lettering and silverette finish was introduced early 1939. There were some similar experimental liveries from late 1936. Paul
  9. I have linked to my photographs. 1967 is a very long time ago and as I said ESSO didn't really have bogie tanks and at that time only a couple of experimental ones that went nowhere. Bogie tanks were an SMBP thing. Esso invested heavily in 4 wheel vacuum brake tanks, so they had a series as the specifications and permits for GLW changed, literally year on year during the early 1960s, and then Airbraking became 'the thing'. The LPGs are on the site in Stoke but much later. Paul
  10. Quite a lot of information https://www.brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=class&id=45&type=D&page=fleet Paul
  11. and they weren't painted internally, so seem to have taken on a remarkably consistent rust/coal dust finish. Paul
  12. https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/cemflo/ee0c9323 https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/cemflo/e3a9129a And we measured it. But a major work as Accurascale don't do these wagons. Paul
  13. Thanks to Chris for getting involved with this thread, and for confirming my understanding that there were through services to London until (near the) end. I have a summer 1936 timetable booklet for the GWR London, Reading and Oxford districts. It is not easy to work out what are shuttles and what are through services - not least because of confusion with the Uxbridge services. However, it does look like the 7.52 from Staines which arrived at West Drayton 8.27 and Hayes and Harlington 8.34 (not long enough to be a connecting service?) didn't simply stop at Paddington 9.1 but then
  14. Limped into York behind the WR diesel that was sent out to collect it about 3 and a quarter late. Presumably FS is now at the museum as the diesel took the train back to London on time. Paul
  15. A couple of ex nuclear flask Rectanks https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/brrectanks/e1b37746e https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/brrectanks/e75599d Paul
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