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  1. Angelus

    MRJ 277

    Arrived for me in my local shop just a few miles north of John O'Groats.... Terry
  2. Many moons ago on an earlier version of RMWeb (no longer available) I started a thread on an embryo North Las Vegas switching layout. As others have said, other interests (BR EM gauge) domestic circumstances and a house move to the Northern isles have put the project on hold. Part of the layout is now up and running (no scenery yet) in our outbuilding but no heating in there has stopped work on it until the spring. A new thread is going to be started when work recommences. It is unfortunate that so many US model shops have gone, Model junction will be a miss as I have used them quite a bit as my layout building has restarted. Buying from the US is easy but the post charges can be astronomical. We have a friend in California who can send me stuff like Plano etches at a reasonable rate. I use ebay quite a bit too. There doesn't seem to be as many US outline layouts on the exhibition circuit at the moment, although my new location means I haven't been to a show for 5 years. Terry
  3. Ah! Thanks John R. I never thought of that but I yes I ticked the February option too. No doubt Andy and the team will clarify this after the Peterborough dust settles!
  4. Likewise, print copy arrived today, which is very nice, but I was expecting digital access instead so I could cancel my Pocketmags subs. Terry
  5. Hi Does anyone have spare front fairings for a blue Bachmann Class 42 Warship. I've acquired a second hand model without the fairings and I would like to fit fairings, full pipework and screw couplings at both ends. Many thanks Terry
  6. If you have a look in the DCC sound topics he posts there regularly
  7. It might be worth asking Richard Croft of this parish if he could help. Terry
  8. You are definitely not the only one to have a library in the smallest room. We have somehow ended up with a large Billy Bookcase and two small ones, in ours. Mrs A insists its called the 'small powder room' whatever that means!
  9. Another very satisfied customer here. Ordered late Thursday night, woke up to a follow up e-mail for exact numbers and depots, and arrived here in the Outer Rim this morning! Terry
  10. Renton seems to be just an assembly plant and has a production line similar to car manufacture. Just about everything is outsourced: OutsourcingMany components are not built by Boeing but are outsourced to other manufacturers both in the US and increasingly around the world. This may be either for cost savings in production, specialist development or as an incentive for that country to buy other Boeing products. Here is a list of some of the outsourced components: Fuselage, engine nacelles and pylons - Spirit AeroSystems (formerly Boeing), Wichita. Slats and flaps - Spirit AeroSystems (formerly Boeing), Tulsa. Doors - Vought, Stuart, FL. Spoilers - Goodrich, Charlotte, NC. Vertical fin - Xi'an Aircraft Industry, China. Horizontal stabiliser - Korea Aerospace Industries. Ailerons - Asian Composites Manufacturing, Malaysia. Rudder - Bombardier, Belfast and AVIC subsidiary Chengfei Commercial Aircraft (CCAC), China Tail section (aluminium extrusions for) - Alcoa / Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing, China. Main landing gear doors - Aerospace Industrial Development Corp, Taiwan. Inboard Flap - Mitsubishi, Japan. Elevator - Fuji, Japan. Winglets - Kawasaki, Japan. Fwd entry door & Overwing exits - Chengdu Aircraft, China. Wing-to-body fairing panels and tail cone - BHA Aero Composite Parts Co. Ltd, China Terry
  11. Meanwhile in Skykomish WA... Heading for Renton, Seattle. I was lucky enough to see one last night too. Terry
  12. I ordered Micro Engineering track from them on 27/12/17 (It was in their post christmas sale) and it was delivered on 23/1/18. As others have said the US firms don't seem to continually update with e-mails, it just turns up eventually! No duty was charged but I had to pay VAT and the £8 handling fee to the Post Office. One of the labels on the packing showed it had travelled via Germany !? I've used them a few times over the years and definitely use them again. Terry
  13. Has anyone mentioned a Caley 439 class 0-4-4T tank yet. Scottish and very useable I would have thought! Terry
  14. Hi Hugh, Thanks for the info on the hoods. I ordered some from Mark, they arrived yesterday and look just the job. Just need to paint and weather them now! Terry
  15. Angelus

    MRJ 251

    Meanwhile on the its not in my WH Smiths front. Enter the store of your choice. My copy arrived at the village store on the island of Burray in Orkney yesterday. Great issue but I have followed Canada Street on the EM Gauge website from the start so I knew what to expect. Great photos and description too. Nice editorial from Karl, as always a great read. Terry
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