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Squires to take over DJH products

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8 minutes ago, Tim Dubya said:


It would be very useful if these could all be combined somehow into one coherent website, even if that website isn't an e-commerce version.  Just to able to download stock lists would make sense.  These could then be updated offline and republished as and when they need to, so no need to update an entire site.


...runs for cover 😜



I've been buying stuff from Squires for years without any problems whatsoever.


I didn't even know they were actually a shop until they took over South Eastern Finecast. I just thought they were just an eBay seller.


In fact, the thing at the top came from Squires. The other is one I picked up elsewhere.








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1 minute ago, Tim Dubya said:


Cheers, I thought the same re. their eBay presence.  I just find the available information a bit confusing, which is my problem no theirs, I shall seek some help if I want to order anything that's not in their eBay store.


Trouble is, is having been spoilt all these years with easy to navigate/understand websites. 


Damn I miss Eileens 😕






As far as Southeastern Finecast products, what we see now on the web is what we have seen for years. Navigation is exactly the same


However as you say with the more expansive websites we have been enjoying much more information prior to ordering

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On 21/02/2024 at 12:53, cctransuk said:


Having done that degree of research, perhaps you can break that down between those that mention CCT, and those that don't?


You will find that the vast majority do not, and where they do - it is in usually in connection with the thread subject.


Very occasionally, I will mention a new sheet which has been prepared in connection with another supplier's kit, which has previously been mentioned.


As I have frequently said, I do NOT chase additional business or rely on the modest income, but I do try to provide products that will make life easier for fellow modellers.


That is not direct advertising in my book.


John Isherwood.

I didn’t do any research; the number of posts you've made appears beneath your profile picture. As our areas of modelling interest do not appear to overlap, my attention is only drawn to your posts (when I come across one) because you look exactly like the father of my eldest daughter’s boyfriend.

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