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  1. I’ll take that as a positive that they are an easy build!! Cheers. Bill.
  2. That’s going to use a fair bit of brass!! next material shortage and price hike will be because all the brass supply has gone into building your roof!! Cheers. Bill.
  3. Hi Rob. that is my hope, to get a simple project up and running to get the motivation going again and have the ability to “play trains” then start to revisit P4 GQS. last piece of work carried out was to check platform 1 road for integrity of all soldered joints, add the Colin Craig 3D printed cosmetic Mills clips, then a coat of primer. I do find your West Highland layout a good source of motivation and always look forward to updates posted up. Time to get back on topic and enjoying David’s build!! Cheers Bill
  4. Thanks for your kind words David. I did consider scrapping the trackwork and starting again in OO but having realised how many hundreds of hours were spent building track panels and points using Colin Craig components, I can’t bring myself to rip it all up. Not sure if I ever posted any pics so added a couple below. Really intrigued to see how you are going to tackle the station roof. Regards, Bill.
  5. Hi Nick. Hope you are keeping well. Don’t know how I missed this thread! Looks absolutely stunning. Looking forward to seeing more of the layout on here and maybe out at an exhibition? Please don’t get too distracted with the O Gauge projects! Cheers. Bill.
  6. Not good news I’m afraid. I had been trying to repair deterioration to the trackwork and wiring caused by the baseboards getting soaked a couple of years ago then being stored in a damp garage for 12 months. Also damage repairs caused by 2 house moves. However, for every issue rectified, I would discover more issues (1 step forward and 3 back) It got to the point where I was getting so disheartened after a session working on the layout, I wouldn’t touch it again for a month. for my own sanity and at risk of losing interest in the hobby completely, I have decided to mothball the project for now and concentrate on a small inglenook type project to give me a sense of achievement and something to actually run some stock on. Regards. Bill.
  7. Looking very neat. good to see the obligatory bus on a bridge! Cheers, Bill.
  8. Hi Wayne. thanks for the update. I was hoping to have a go at building these at a club workshop day on Saturday but hey ho. I’ll keep an eye on the website next week. Kind regards. Bill.
  9. Hi. Sorry to drag the topic away from posh alcoholic drinks and back to finescale trackwork. just tried to order a couple of OO point kits and got a message saying out of stock due to waiting for a delivery of bullhead rail. Any rough idea of when the kits will be available to order again? kind regards. Bill.
  10. Stunning photo Tom! The lighting really adds to the effect of feeling like a early autumnal morning (or early autumn evening depending on the orientation of the layout!) like several others posted above, I don’t do Facecloth or other social media and can only get my fix of Ballamoddey on here. Regards, Bill.
  11. Looking at how the paint has peeled away from the body side, my guess is that the previous owner didn’t clean and de-grease the bodyshell properly before painting. Also looks like the is no primer either. never had any issues with Tamiya low tack tape, although before anything goes near the paint booth, it is thoroughly scrubbed with a cheap kitchen cream cleaner and primed. Tamiya fine primer is normally my primer of choice. Cheers. Bill.
  12. Thanks Graham. we moved away from Hull when I was quite young but couldn’t remember that many tall commercial buildings in the city. The only other one I could think of was the college my Dad studied at when taking his merchant navy officer exams. But I don’t recall the college being that big. Cheers. Bill.
  13. Another great photo full of atomsphere! Funny enough, I have been watching 40106 running up and down the SVR today. Bit of a daft question, what is the tall building in the background? Hull Royal Infirmary? Regards, Bill.
  14. Completely agree on using the metal trestles. Being height adjustable as well makes working on the layout much easier. Its great to see the layout has been saved and will be restored sympathetically, keeping as much of the original work as possible. Looking forward to following the restoration and seeing the progress. Arley station is just up the road from me and I think is one of the nicest stations on the SVR. Is the plan to depict the station as it is now (ie preserved) or prior to British Railways closure? Regards, Bill.
  15. Hi Simon. Just catching up with the thread. Sounds I missed a great exhibition. Sadly the odds were stacked against being able to get along to see HLJ at Bath. Even more saddened to read that the layout may not be exhibited again due to rocketing costs etc. If you do decide not to exhibit the layout again, is there a possibility of having a number of open / running days a year where the layout is normally housed if the location is suitable? Regards. Bill.
  16. Just found this layout thread and YouTube channel. Fantastic layout, really captures that West Highland feel. Really enjoyed the videos as well. Any chance of a video layout tour? Regards. Bill.
  17. Love the atmosphere of the photo! Thanks for sharing with us Rob. Cheers. Bill.
  18. Hi Will. the weathering on the red shed looks superb. The roof in particular around the exhaust silencer and soot marks look really effective.
  19. Great news Tom! Looks very neat. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the loco come together! Cheers. Bill.
  20. Hi Tom. That list is a great start! Don’t worry too much if the list doesn’t completely go to plan. That is why pencils have rubbers on the top of them. If you find yourself getting bogged down with No3 Falcon then move it down the list and have a look at what’s next. I fully agree with @steve45 your modelling is truly inspirational and amongst the best on this forum. Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never made anything. I too find the situation in Ukraine worrying and have family members in the armed forces. I was talking to a colleague based in Slovakia this morning about the number of refugees coming over the border. Frightening!! Sometimes having a hobby like ours is a good way to find solace and shut out want is going on in the outside world for a while. Take care. Bill.
  21. Hi Tom. I know exactly how you feel. When I start to feel overwhelmed with a project. Whether working on a layout or stock projects etc (I am terrible for having too many things on the go at once) Making a list of current projects (or tasks that need completed on a layout build) Then prioritising those tasks and not moving onto the next task down on the list until the current task is finished. I often find this helps focus getting the modelling motivation back and feel like I’m making progress. Hope you feel better soon. Regards, Bill.
  22. The days of air travel for the masses and cheap package holidays were not far away in the future. Not good for what was the traditional UK holiday camps. Great photo as always Rob, please keep them coming!! Regards. Bill
  23. Thanks all for the advice. For now l will try to improve on the speaker enclosure to see what difference it makes. kind regards, Bill.
  24. Email sent requesting to order too! thanks for the heads up. Did I see somewhere that SDEG have also have published a book about Eastfield. (I’m not on Facebook)
  25. Great day out yesterday, finally got home at 11pm (left the house at 6am) Huge thanks to the organising team for putting on a such a good exhibition in what has been very difficult circumstances. The hall didn’t feel as busy as years gone by but that could be down to the widened aisles. It was nice to catch up with people I have not seen in 2 years. The day absolutely flew by. It was also good to some of newer small traders (West Hill Wagon Works etc) and actually be able to look at their products in the flesh rather than just online. Layout highlights for me: Splott Blair Atholl Bron Hebog Clackmannan Goods Oldshaw Arun Quay Dalby Lane Also good to see the newer manufacturers with toolings on display. Really looking forward to getting my Accurascale 37’s later in the year now I’ve seen the decorated examples and trying to convince myself that I don’t need a 31 or a 56! Thanks again to everyone involved with the exhibition, looking forward to next year already, will have to make a full weekend though! Cheers Bill.
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