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Hydro hold-alls and Touax timber 2-for-1 from RevolutioN (OO - IWA Wagon)


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A Somewhat surprising yet very welcome announcement from RevolutioN has appeared this morning. I think I'll be ordering a few of those timber carriers, just the KSA (Rover Cube) to do next! Well done Ben and team! 




Hydro hold-alls and Touax timber 2-for-1 from Revolution


Posted on 14/07/2019 by Ben Ando in Uncategorized | Leave a comment


Revolution Trains is proposing the imposing Sfins2 “hold-all” internationally registered ferry-vans in original form, and as the recent timber conversions, as its next 00 project.


37420 with 6E48 Hallem Marsh – Immingham at Water Orton in 1991. Photo courtesy Kevin Payne.


160 of these ferryvans were built by Waggon Union from 1987 and their design incorporated integral one-piece sides and roofs so that each complete half can be lifted and slid over the other, using the distinctive handwheels at each end, for unencumbered loading and unloading.

When built they were operated by Cargowaggon GMbH and ISIS/Norsk Hydro.  The Hyrdo wagons were primarily used to transport fertiliser from Immingham to destinations in the Midlands, Scotland and south Wales.



Photo courtesy Paul Bartlett.


Those in Cargowaggon livery saw more varied use on steel traffic, bottled water and newsprint in both block trains and Speedlink wagonload services.



Photo courtesy Paul Bartlett.


Many are still in use on trains carrying aluminium ingots from Ditton Foundry near Warrington to Nievenheim in Germany via the Channel tunnel.



92002 6M14 Dollands Moor – Ditton Foundry at Acton Bridge in 2014. Photo courtesy Colin Pottle.


In 2012 30 were converted into timber carriers. The hoods were removed, along with the lifting and sliding gear, and heavy duty stanchions were fitted along the sides.

They have subsequently seen widespread use in Britain carrying log traffic associated with the Kronospan works at Chirk.



Freightliner’s 70007 on hire to Colas eases through Carlisle with logs bound for Chirk in February 2019.


Revolution would like to thank Touax, who now own the wagons, and Arlington Fleet Services at Eastleigh for all their help in providing comprehensive drawings and access to the real things.





Sfins2 – Rfnoos

CAD design work is underway, and we will be publishing CAD images very soon.  We anticipate operning the order book at that time, and as ever the quicker we receive orders, the faster the models can be tooled and manufactured.


We will be offering original Norsk Hydro and Cargowaggon liveries, as well as in their reconfigured form as timber carriers with Touax.











The models will be to the same specification as our MMA/JNA box wagons, which have been completed and are currently in transit to the UK, with NEM coupler sockets, NMRA-specified weight and bogies designed to accept drop-in EM or P4 axles.

N gauge versions will follow in due course.

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Hello Ben


Congratulations on this announcement!


The Timber Wagons have been Middle Polling in the last three Wishlist Polls. We didn't list the Cargowaggon, but - on reflection - probably should have! I think our reasoning was that Heljan had made another version.


All the best for the project.


Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)

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