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  1. Photos of stopping trains on the Newcastle to Carlisle line at Stocksfield and Riding Mill for today. Riding Mill Class 119 and 116 Sunderland to Hexham Sept 87 J9281.jpg Stocksfield Class 101 Hexham to Sunderland 28th Oct 88 C11588.jpg Stocksfield Class 108 Newcastle to Hexham 28th Oct 88 C11590.jpg Stocksfield 143018 Newcastle to Hexham15th April 89 C11865.jpg Stocksfield 156469 Hexham to Newcastle 26th Aug 92 C17953.jpg
  2. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Onwards the No.8 wanders, stopping every now and then for its picture to be taken.....? With the morning sun catching the glazing she moves on Not far as that pesky signal is at stop again!!!! but still the sun shines.... Looking up from the lane we see the passengers waiting, patiently, to reach their destination
  3. A surprise present for me this xmas was this display case from my brother-in-law, hand made by him in his shed. My Boxing day job was fixing it to the wall of the railway room and filling it with locos. What a lovely present. Graham
  4. Dia 45 BG update, whilst the 113 has been progressing through the paint shop, I've been fitting the scratch built roof to the dia. 45 van. A bit of rubbing down and fettling was required to get the right fit and shape, I'm now quite happy with the results. Here again, the dia. 45 BG diverges from the usual Gresley practice, the roof is steel rather than canvas over a wooden frame, it was ribbed were the steel plates that form the roof are jointed. I went off- piste as far as the kit instructions was concerned, with regard to the number and location of the joints and als
  5. Those day trippers are getting restless, but help has arrived, in the form of an Ivatt, the B17 having been removed in disgrace. It really had failed, by the way. I suspect the decoder. The next question is whether it is going to get to leave before the Grimsby, whose starting time is nigh? Down the other end of the station, Sun Stream is waiting for the off.
  6. We have been working on panniers: Source: Getty Images. Embedding permitted. Caption: Sparks Fly As Rail Workers Using Oxy-acetylene Torches Start Cutting And Breaking Down Older Great Western Railway GWR 1076 Class Steam Locomotives At The Locomotive Graveyard Of The Swindon Railway Works On 14 May 1935 There has been progress on the “nostalgia” project to backdate a Hornby 2721 body, using a Bachmann 57xx chassis. The original aim was an early 2721 PT, but I have decided to go for a 1854 PT instead. These were Southern division locos and thus more appropriate
  7. Yes, it is Boxing Day, which means cricket from the MCG so that's on the radio while I carry on with signals. For the short fixed distant, I rooted through the spares box for a suitable post to shorten. I found that for some reason, lost in the mists of time, I had a spare two-armed post from an old Ratio 462 kit. I measured it up and found that if I cut the post just above the lower lamp the post height would be about a scale 19ft 6in, so that's what I've done. I also cut the finial from the top of the original post, fitted it to the shortened post and removed the arm pivot.
  8. Some from today, first up Christmas dinner under spaghetti junction! then it was off to the loco which was on the line next to washwood Heath, nothing left standing now 66747 on the first train we took that to bescot then went back in a taxi for the 2nd train which was the one we took in last night, 66761 on it waiting in tame bridge for the road into bescot and into bescot where another rmwebber took over to shunt the train into the sidings that’s me until Tuesday now then New Year’s Eve
  9. Now we're in business! Body went together very well. Don't look too hard just yet at the ends; needs cleaning up yet. And roof just plonked on for now. But we have ourselves a vehicle of sorts.
  10. Brew time! There's more details to add but I'll make the bogies up next ...
  11. I clearly forgot to post a pic this morning, so here is a nice pair of Choppers for Boxing Day.
  12. Mine usually runs with a maximum of eight on, seen here on a Crewe- Penzance turn with LMS coaches at the front. What are the chances of a new version being announced by Hornby ?
  13. As my work on Yelverton progressed, I learned more about the site. I found out that the loading bank at the south end of the station was more extensive than I had originally thought, and decided to rework the area. At the same time I decided to model the shed for the WIckham trolley, omitted from the original design. First up, a picture of the area before I made the changes. The new loading bank, with the shelter for the Wickham trolley(s) in the background. The Yelverton shed appears to have been a three road on - I can't think why. An aerial view of the site, wi
  14. Well it might not seem like much progress in the last hour or so but there's a helluva lot of drilling and filing to get to this stage - and I've had a brew. Assembly should be rapid henceforth (ha!)
  15. A last look at a typically well kept engine from 34A. followed, once the 02 had got out of the way, by an engine based at 50A, sadly also in a condition typical of its home shed. Hope everyone has had a good day.
  16. Interestingly I have just had lunch with John, we wound the company up in official terms permanently on the 23rd of December. Lack of supplies did for us, thank you for nothing Covid! if the business is all we lose then it isn't too bad really, things could be so much worse as it has been for many, but we are Covid free on the island now so our lives are pretty much normal. Thank you for your business in the past!
  17. An element of productionisation going on ... And now whole underframe passed the roll-away test. Time for another brew. And then we'll tackle some bodywork
  18. Well, it looks like this years projects will be the W&U inspired Outwool layout and a small {very!} S&DJR terminus. First up will be Outwool. In addition to the articles acquired by way of the 'wanted ad' placed on Western Thunder (thanks due to Rob Rayer) , I have also added to the library....... I think I have enough reference material now..and therefore no excuses for not producing something that looks the part.......ish.
  19. My father said that during WW2 some Canadian forces had training in the north of Scotland the first winter. (He was in radar.) A lot of them applied for Middle East duty. We went out to buy a newspaper today; empty racks. Later we went for a walk in the Village. We stayed on the sidewalks, which were plowed, but one court didn't have a sidewalk and I managed to land flat on my back. No hurt apparent, but I had cold, damp pants until I got home. Temperature about freezing.
  20. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Well, not one to hang around..... Out came the solid core telephone wire and
  21. Wow - I'd forgotten how tricky those LMS underframes could be. One of the sole bars was going awry so I unsoldered it and started again. Not the quickest of starts but important to get the basic underframe square n true otherwise you're not building on solid foundations.
  22. Music for funerals - aha [no, not the Norwegian boy band with ridiculously high voices] The last funeral that I attended was that of my Aunt Joan, who passed away in February 2019. Cwm Rhondda was one of the hymns and we did our level best to raise the roof of the chapel at Bridgwater crematorium, mindful as ever of Max Boyce who alluded to the ability of rugby crowds to make it sound the same as Delilah. If you are going to celebrate someone's life, sing in a celebratory way! My father's funeral in 2005 did not work quite like that. The three pieces of music were no
  23. Thank you for your warm festive wishes guys. We hope that you are enjoying your Christmas too. This year arrangements have been a bit different, Mrs. S. is spending her first Christmas away from her moms! However stepdad decided this was too hard on mom and has done the driving instead. After visiting my brother-in-law they came by for a visit on the front porch. Not as bad as it seems, we could hold a party on our porch! We have a small ham, parsnip-potato dish, yam-brussel sprout dish and the pigs in blankets all baking as I type. A couple of good quality ales
  24. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury - please allow me to present "Exhibit A" care of the owner, the RCTS, from whom I produce this image of Wrexham, Croes Newydd "West" . Brian R
  25. The Q4 tender now finished, loco on test on Wentworth Junction. Checking it on the colliery branch, thw Wentworth Silkstone trip to Barnsley Junction will be its usual duty. This tender is one of the ones built with open coal rails, later plated over on the outside - done by laminating the two options from the kit together with the beading on the sheet raves to the inside, there was no beading on the outside of these. All the Q4 tenders had had their water scoops removed by the early 50s but I don't know whether all the boxes in the coal space were taken out. The scoop wheel was gon
  26. Side and end prep in progress. At least there's only four sets of droplights and hinges to worry about. Probably going to have to stop for tea soon. But there's always this evening yet to come...
  27. Valour is coasting into Kings Cross having had a good run from Sheffield on the new Pullman service. Both driver and firemen can relax now, and the gauge glass shows the boiler well topped up. The driver is from ? Preiser (much modified); the fireman from Modelu - he was too big to fit in the cab. Obligatory thumbnail image Tim
  28. Something a bit different today in the form of a crossing keeper's hut but I feel it is includable as it has a signal box type name board. It's at Meardsall Crossing on the Midland's Lincoln line. Not manned when I saw it in 1983.
  29. In case anyone (who's not already seen it) is interested, for a bit of festive fun I've set myself a 'build a coach in a day' challenge. Will be updates throughout the day on the Hills of the North thread in the Layout Topics area. I'll post an 'end of day' report on here this evening.
  30. My Minister acquaintance (who embraced Methodism in later life, we originally know each other through sometime Labour Party membership) won’t countenance “My Way” or “Bright Side of Life” on the grounds that he is thoroughly fed up with both, and it’s inappropriate to ask people why they choose them at such a time, because they are never able to answer coherently. My sister-in-law was cremated to the latter, which I thought entirely inappropriate for someone much troubled by the mental after-effects of an abusive marriage, and a subsequent long and unpleasant degenerative illness. Her daughter
  31. KNP

    Little Muddle

    And in the mood of seasonal greetings I am pleased to introduce you to a new member of the LM staff He is my namesake got for me by my grandchildren..... Ladies and Gentlemen please be upstanding for Kevin the Carrot
  32. Very impressive, Andy, Thanks for showing us. I don't have the know-how to put moving footage on here (I rely on others), so I'll have to make do this merry Christmas with a static sequence featuring my latest J6................. Complete with borrowed tender, 62477 prepares to stop at Little Bytham on a Down 'parly'. Quite what a Copley Hill-allocated J6 is doing on a Peterborough-Grantham stopper requires the use of Rule 1, but another rule is that I must have seen the loco - in this case, at Doncaster in 1958. The Up fast starte
  33. Well, I'm still going but appreciate that not everyone is a night owl so here's where I'm up to as of a few minutes ago.
  34. Bear's Tip of The Day: When choosing music for a Funeral, don't pick anything popular - it'll screw you up every time it comes on the radio, often when you're driving. Learnt the hard way, unfortunately.
  35. Last time Bear managed that stunt was the winter of 2009 - the pavement outside the Dry Cleaners is sloped and was like an ice rink, and Bear bought it. Busted a couple of ribs for my trouble, and have never felt pain like it.....
  36. Beasts of Mordor Here are a couple from New Street, which I see is sometimes referred to as Mordor. Memories of freezing cold feet in thin trainers and a duffle bag. The last of my money being spent on a styrofoam cup of travelers fare tea and a mars bar (when they were a proper size). Cold, a long way from home with a trip home in the dark but hanging around for as long as possible.
  37. More coal traffic passing through Bridgend. 37223 passes Bridgend up the up line with a train load of coal in MDVs. 6/11/81. The locations to the west that supplied coal for Aberthaw power station included Onllwyn, Blaenant, and Steel Supply at Jersey Marine. A westbound set of empties passes Bridgend behind 37236 and 37255, 7/7/81. cheers
  38. I almost forgot, at last, I wrangled this Thompson NG third through the paint shop. The usual crimson gloss varnish paint mix.
  39. Here, the mood for the day is whatever you want. So, it will be cake, ( I only had two small slices yesterday), a walk down the lane which is now a cul-de-sac, so very quiet, and a spot of railway modelling. To clarify, that will not be drawing or reading, but really getting something out to build/repair/paint/damage depending on how clumsy I'm feeling. Remaking the baseboards from South Greenfield into Torri Gwynt territory might be a pleasant diversion, before the weather turns again. Plus it makes a fair amount of noise to annoy the annoying n
  40. This may be of interest to followers of this thread. The Narrow Gauge Rly Museum posted this video of operating the original layout as a Christmas special. Enjoy
  41. My son has threatened that I'm going out to AC/DC's Highway to Hell! Fortunately, I don't have a problem with the listening: It's just the singing I can't do. Mind you, if you have heard my singing voice, you'd probably be crying as well.
  42. I am currently watching Dick and Angel on 4 plus 1. I have watched tge Italian job and the longest day. I have also tried out my new headphones with a few tracks from Treorchy welsh male voice choir including cwm rhonnda with Sir Harry Secombe. The boss has kindly bought me a lego crocodile loco kit as something to keep me our of mischief. Little does she realise it can be motorized.
  43. Morning folks! Well, here we are. I've had my 3 Shredded Wheat (other breakfast cereals are available) and now ready for the 'off'. Time/date check from mob. fone as you can see just in case anyone thinks this is a big wind up. Updates will be brief (for obvious reasons) but will try and post approx every 60-90 minutes. Tally ho!
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