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  1. and quite often the initial result looks better than you think when its painted, weathered and a bit of vegetation added... Chris
  2. Does this help? https://www.burnhamandhighbridgeweeklynews.co.uk/news/14140234.disused-railway-line-could-be-reopened-as-huntspill-is-set-to-see-enterprise-park-work/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ROF_Bridgwater
  3. Pre-Brexit congestion on the east coast may be to blame...
  4. I've received the phone box and a couple of post boxes - very nice - Thanks Jonathan. Chris
  5. You've reminded me I need some undergrowth around my tank....
  6. As modelled by DJH on one of their RTR versions. Slightly grubby of course.
  7. This was posted by Chris Basten on one of the O Gauge FB pages "Colour is distorted due to my rubbish lighting. CK uses to be great at this, but I am still learning!!!!"
  8. My tank was styrene sheet and evergreen strips - rivets were Archer decals - fiddly but doable. Support was stained stripwood from my US modelling stash. Ladder was a long signal ladder - MSE I think. Open topped with an insert of clear plastic sprayed Humbrol Olive drab on the underside (same as my canal) The prototype actually looks pretty big in photos so it is "downsized"
  9. Great minds....no exit...but there could be...
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    FINE SCALE MINIATURES DEXTERS DEAD END HO Scale Craftsman Kit FSM Jewel Series 8. Condition is "New". The kit was bought in 2007 but have decided not to build it and it has been stored since then. Opened up for photos etc. The kit is currently on ebay but I will advertise it here at a fixed cost. Another excellent George Sellios Craftsman kit. I will include Special Delivery WITHIN THE UK (about £11.00) in the price.


  11. The comments about insulation apply even more with DCC. Make sure every joint is covered - heat shrink is a good plan.....don't ask me how I know... Chris
  12. Just found this thread via Lockdown Fen. Very nice layout. Chris
  13. Nice work - space in no space - excellent.
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