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  1. Very nice. Lots of detail, once you look closely. Especially inside the green house. I also like that half open door to the shed. You don't even need a figure, it's so obvious that someone is about.
  2. Yes, I was wondering about that. You'd think it was still apparent on cattle wagons for some time after the railways stopped using it, especially if going by a 7-year average repainting cycle.
  3. Delightful! I think what I like so much about Fun Town is that it combines precision and imagination. These wagons illustrate it well. Don't know how you've managed to make those trays look so organic either, couldn't tell they were metal if I didn't know.
  4. So that was the real plan behind it all. Very clever
  5. Thanks for testing that Matt. I suppose the next question is whether the wash built up over time, or if it could be washed off completely without repainting...
  6. The Canopy Nudging Detection Vehicle was inspired by Mick's Canopy Nudging thread. The detection device was made from soldered up bits from the spares box. Of course the real purpose is to surreptitiously introduce some "proper" GWR items on Mick's layout, e.g. Dean buffers and window grilles The roof rack is a 3D print from Scale Model Scenery. Thanks to Stu for the tip. It's a nice print, if a little thick compared to the brass bits. A quick test on the layout. Slight period issue!
  7. The kit form also means you get to build something. I like that combination of new- and old school modelling. It looks very good Mike, and all that in a day!
  8. I like the weathering Matt. It makes good sense to me that the lime wash would not have been as white as it appears in black & white photos.
  9. So we're doing tractors now? That's looking very atmospheric already. Incidentally I saw the thread below and thought the painting and weathering might be of interest. There's even a Landy! https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/164874-hoo-ness-railway/page/3/
  10. Well I missed the Siphon vote deadline - but since there seems to be one or two GWR types on this thread, perhaps this is of interest:
  11. Very impressed with the look and feel of this layout. The painting and weathering in particular. I think those Canada Geese must be the most convincing model birds I've ever seen.
  12. Mikkel

    Western Times

    You had me when I saw the entry on GWR barrows! Not to mention several other items of interest. Duly ordered. Thank you gents for taking this initiative.
  13. Great stuff, especially that PW dept brake. I like your shade of GW grey.
  14. Lovely. I had a quick look through the thread but could not find any mention of what the aperture is for?
  15. That would be nice. But the smørrebrød gives me gas and the blondes are usually fake Found this in another thread, nice to see a group photo. A shoal of elves.
  16. Lovely mud! Does your PVA dry clear, or will it be varnished?
  17. I learnt more from that one post than all day at work yesterday. Very useful, thanks. I's a very appropriately named engine!
  18. They look really good Matt. The detail differences are impressive, a good example that no two wagons are ever alike. Can I ask what the difference is between these transfers and the HMRS/Fox ones?
  19. I had to clap at the Rhymney version, such an attractive loco and livery. The GWR version perhaps less so, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks for bringing these locos back to life and to our attention, Jim.
  20. Got the Mountford drawing/sketch in front of me, seems to compare well except perhaps his looks a little lower, but that may be a boiler difference or - more likely - an optical misinterpretation on my side. And yours was done from actual photos, if I understand your approach correctly.
  21. That's a very attractive van, prototype and model both. It made me curious so I searched for the photos you mentioned and ended up right back on RMweb, in the thread below. Very satisfying to see it brought to life again in your model.
  22. Oh goody, a bay platform. I can just picture your short coaches in there (rubs hands).
  23. Nice to see you back at the workbench. The Queen really has me rubbing my hands in (patient) anticipation. I sometimes get the impression that 3D printers are like people: Moody and unwilling on some days, energetic and accommodating on others.
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