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Model Rail announce GWR Class 1600 0-6-0PT via Rapido

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12 minutes ago, Re6/6 said:

Here's a short one-handed jerky phone video of a test run on Marsh. I was relieved to find that it ran well through all the pointwork.


The track was dirty after a winter of damp in the shed so slower running should be possible after a good spring clean! All in all, I'm pleased that it has retained the wonderful smooth running of the unconverted original.




Is that a “crunchy track” or the gears making that noise?

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Yes, the baseboards are rather noisy. When running onto the short run-off made of different materials, there was no noise at all! 


Also the controller used was an AMR which does tend to make motors a trifle noisy whereas when tried with a Gaugemaster it was much quieter.

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On 04/03/2021 at 19:09, dibber25 said:

No. A few of them had red numberplates but not many. Swindon didn't like red plates. 

Caerphilly speciality wasn’t it? 

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