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Where is that first picture taken?  Third rail there makes me want to say the up goods loop west of Southampton Central for some unfathomable reason...

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My first encounter with an exhibition train was at Marylebone in 1979/80? I'd love to find a pickure of it.


I walked onto the platform (aged 12 or 13) with some friends. I remember exclaiming loudly 'Wow look at that!' and rushed towards the rather unusual looking coaches. My friends had made similar exclamations from just behind me. There was a guy standing by the nearest open door and i asked if i could look inside. He indicated i was more than welcome to however as i advanced he grabbed my locoshed book.... and wrote in it! I snatched it back with a loud 'hey' and darted inside. To my horror everything inside was to do with football. I made my way through the train and came out the other end. To my surprise my friends were still on the outside and hadn't made it past the guy at the door. It turns out he was a famous footballer. Completely wasted on me. I couldn't stand it then as now.


I would be interested to know what it was all about and who the guy was that defaced my locoshed book.

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