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Two very instructive replies to my musings about the horse (and another about scale); thank you.

I suppose 7mm : 1ft  would be the scale to pursue 

I'd imagine that 3D printed components could be 'fleshed' out (rather as Leonardo's C14/15 machine drawings were) then the whole sort of 'wrapped in a horse blanket'.


How to power such a beast would be another prob. But I'd buy one (or a pair).



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Not a layout, but a rather nice model of a Crewe single on display at the Gauge O Guild's exhibition at Telford this weekend.




Superb modelling, then you read the blurb and realise it's also a live steam model.

Fantastic stuff!

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12 hours ago, Argos said:

Not a layout, but a rather nice model of a Crewe single on display at the Gauge O Guild's exhibition at Telford this weekend.


Fantastic stuff!


and elsewhere on a demonstrators stand was a danish 2-2-2 "Odin", just as beautiful

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Seeing as Pre-Grouping is mentioned, I'm making on in N Scale called Crowmoor set in the South East of England in the Edwardian era. The only loco and rolling stock on the layout in this scale used is the SE&CR C Class 0-6-0 No. 271, two maroon 4-wheel coaches painted in SECR maroon, three plank wagons in SECR grey  a brake van in SECR grey.

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I have previously drawn attention to Barry Luck's P4 model based on Plumpton (ex-LBSCR) in 1912.  Barry has started a series of films about the layout and its operation - we run to a "timetable" sequence and the layout is controlled by a fully interlocked mechanical lever frame, with communication between the "signal box" and the fiddle yards being by bellcodes using replica block instruments.


The films are on Barry's Youtube channel.  The first of the videos can be found here.


Mick Ralph

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Well, I'm steadily getting closer to the point where my N gauge pre-grouping layout "Neraland 2" will be ready to join the exhibition circuit ... I may even get there before there is an exhibition circuit to join!


It's basically just a scenic test track (single track oval; passing station; ladder fiddle yard with a few kickback sidings at rear) to be used as a vehicle to show my growing collection of pre-grouping trains. Ideally, at an exhibition I will take viewers (well, those that have the patience to stay in front of the one layout) on a tour Britain, looking in on all the major railway companies and a fair few of the minor ones, and ideally showing at least 4 trains for each company (a passenger and a goods in each direction as an absolute minimum).


I've recently marked the major milestone of my 50th train entering service, and I hope to hit the 60 mark some time in 2021.

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