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  1. Not so much a dispute but I've been unlucky with a couple of packages going walkies recently so had to get refunded. First was a decent flatbed/negative scanner. Special Delivery tracking on it, yet the only scan was it at the post office. Not exactly a small thing to lose either! The other one was lost by Hermes. A Little Engines D16 kit - irritating but not especially rare. But also a Stelfox J17 kit. That would have exactly doubled the number I have ever seen. Absolutely gutted about that. Fortunately both sellers refunded without any issues.
  2. That's factory weathering? Looks like it's after the attendance of the fire service.
  3. Might not be hugely economical, but what value do you put on replacing damaged stock - Trainsporter sell their foam inserts separately: https://trainsporters.com/pages/oo-gauge-storage-box I have one of their complete boxes with foam and it's really good.
  4. Looks pretty accurate to me ;) It's not advertising, it's a progress update, with caveats. We are grateful for them as it means we can see how they are getting on, and knowledgable people can give constructive criticism and praise.
  5. Wondered what my ex had been up to, now I know.
  6. How on earth did that statement get past the profanity filter? Housework? Are you off your rocker?
  7. Agreed. I've used them twice in the last couple of years - curiously both orders have had issues - the previous one the picture and text said the pack included something that wasn't previously (Coach letters for the Silver Jubilee I think) - it turned up without them, but a quick email and they arrived very quickly. In the past I have used Modelmaster, but I think Fox will be my first port of call from now on.
  8. That's a good idea for a game - pin the postage label on the deltic.
  9. Snot fair. My hayfever is giving me plenty of reminders of what time of year it is. The doctor said I need to find something to do indoors. So, no pressure guys but medical orders, surely that puts me to the front of the queue? ;)
  10. I assume the courier is equipped with Harriers - or failing that drones?
  11. I "see" what you did there. Better than Peter Griffin too.
  12. Stereo? I'm expecting full on immersive surround sound, turned up to 11!
  13. I can remember something along the lines of a guess the new company (and I seem to recall cheating by checking companies house and domain registrars!).
  14. One wonders if "Blitz" was the right name to pick for a German product?
  15. When the Wolfie's a-howlin', don't come-a tappin' ;)
  16. And the wildly opportunist listing has gone. Wonder if ebay actually took notice of their own rules and had a quiet word in their ear.
  17. Isinglass sell them in 4mm. https://www.isinglass-models.co.uk/Full-Isinglass-Catalogue/full-isinglass-catalogue.html
  18. Agreed - and I wonder where his one will be coming from - we all know too well that having a pre-order of a Hornby item does not in any way guarantee you will get one... Incidentally, and curiously, my offer was declined.
  19. As well as pondering over the Silver Jubilee A4 details, I have been very slowly (even slower than normal for me!) tinkering with the D&S Coronation set that @ArthurK kindly sold to me (I have the MARC Models Silver Jubilee kit, but not touching that yet). I tried a couple of times to roll a roof to replace the formed plasticard in the kit with no luck. I had already offered MJT extrusions but they were no good. Then I discovered that the Comet profile is a perfect fit. Initially I tried to make one end slide out with a false floor but I couldn't find a way of getting it to work without issues with glazing, so finding a rigid roof is a bonus as I can make that removable - with the fairings under the solebar a removable floor is a non-starter. Annoyingly, one of the first things I did was to get the bogies built up. I foolishly didn't check and they should all be heavy duty variants. The sides in the kid are standard ones, apart from the 10ft ones. So I will be removing the incorrect ones at some point and replace them with MJT heavy duty ones.
  20. Offer of £242 duly submitted. Amazingly it's not set to auto-decline. Expecting to be added to their blocked bidders list in 5...4...3...2...1... not that I care.
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