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  1. Does the revised version have a different ISBN number to the original? I would expect it to, but don't want to end up buying the wrong one
  2. Are you sure? https://www.railwayherald.com/imagingcentre/view/328748/LC
  3. Think I'm happy with it. For some reason I can't find my power supply so can't test its running yet but apart from the loose buffer and a tender handrail that had come loose it looks fine. The handrail glued back on easily, I'm waiting to hear back from Peters Spares about the buffer.
  4. My guess is because this isn't very prototypical?
  5. Ah, mine is a "James" one. They do a lot of sizes including very small ones. I picked mine to fit a reasonably long 4mm scale coach body in. And this fluid - https://www.decon.co.uk/products/neutracon/
  6. Looks more like a rice cooker than an ultrasonic cleaner!
  7. Trying to remember the make of mine, I'd a male first name I think, very happy with it.
  8. You should ask for Royalties
  9. Quite a few sites seem to have hit trouble with these new payment card checks. I say new, they've been know about for maybe a couple of years but they only seem to have become compulsory very recently.
  10. Fortunately yes. I could probably get more elsewhere but as it's entirely self taught with no qualifications...
  11. I'm hoping I've got a bargain on the way. I don't normally take much notice of RTR but I put a cheeky offer in on a Hornby "Legends" Mallard. Number 769 limited edition of 1000 (so not that limited). One loose buffer apparently. £80. The only other one I can find on ebay sold was £126 (something familiar about that number and Mallard) but that was number 375.
  12. Can relate - "Can you come into the office for a couple of weeks to help with some data as you like computers". That was 10 years ago in April, still there!
  13. Can relate - "Can you come into the office for a couple of weeks to help with some data as you like computers". That was 10 years ago in April, still there!
  14. MC Metals edition?
  15. Regarding the bath tubs - I have no idea where I saw it, or if I made it up, but wasn't there some under-floor wine storage in some LNER catering vehicles? Perhaps similar was used on the Coronation sets?
  16. If we can have a purple napier then surely a jammy sammich Growler?
  17. Hmm, £4.40 from Dart Castings with the paper pre-cut or... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203846302614 Which one should people buy?
  18. True, although it was clearer to use the map view to show how it looked
  19. With google maps are you aware it has a measure distance tool? Right click - the Then left click to add the measurement dots Then click to add
  20. Oh contr@re Lord Blackadder R@RE!!! I think 3 or more !!! counts too. Not forgetting copious quantities of ****. Why they do it, I don't have a Scooby.
  21. It's spelt R@RE. Come on, keep up please.
  22. It's been coming for some time now - years? I find it amusing that they are making online payments harder to do, and in person payments can now be done up to £100 by waving the (stolen?) card at a terminal, not even a PIN needed...
  23. I went to a Ponderosa once and that was an experience. Nearly got a shower included. Was sitting at my table and a couple of drips of water landed on me. I looked up and could see the ceiling tile was rapidly bulging. Never moved so fast. Missed it coming down and soaking me by under a second. They gave me a voucher for 50% off next time. There hasn't been a next time!
  24. Blame America. It ranks alongside their "all you can eat buffet" phrase - "all you care to enjoy". WTF?
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