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Hornby 2015 Announcements now made

Andy Y

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Hornby have now announced their full 2015 range with a commitment that all the products included in this announcement will reach customers during 2015.
The announcements should be read in conjunction with the early announcements made at Warley Show to get the full picture and as such those announcements have been included in this topic for completeness as it includes the relevant product codes, livery details and price which may not have been included in the news from Warley. Considered in totality rather than just the isolation of the subsequent announcements it's an ambitious programme for 2015 Hornby with four new steam locos, the previously announced King and Adams Radial and now a LSWR S15 4-6-0 and LNER J50. Add the Class 71 announced for 2016 and it's a lot of locos. Moving on to the coaching stock it's been some time since we've seen two ranges of coaching stock planned with the already announced LMS non-corridor stock now meeting the 1928 'K-Type' Pullman cars which will go down very well with the East Coast modellers in particular. There's no other wagons above the LMS Horse Box and the 21T hopper announced in November.
There's plenty of evidence that previously announced locos are coming towards the market albeit a few month past their due date but there's a confidence from Hornby that supply issues are improving and evidence that 2015's announcements are well underway as can be seen from the early samples shown in the context of these releases.
In Hornby's words:
Hornby saw a break with tradition by making range announcements for 2015 at the Warley Model Railway Club show at the NEC in November 2014 and at a press event in Margate in December 2014.
This has led to much debate about duplication from other manufacturers and will no doubt frame much of the discussion for 2015 as these models are reviewed by the enthusiasts.
Hornby has a range in 2015 of over 500 items with over 50% being brand new.
New train sets, new locomotives, new train packs, new coaches, new rolling stock, new railroad items, and of course new buildings.
This commitment to product development is significant, and full specification has been provided to the model and hobbies press who will share the details in their forthcoming publications.

The key focus for Hornby in 2015 is delivery. We have had a challenging few years with our delivery, and during this time the gap between supply and demand has widened. This bodes well for the Hornby range as we expect to see growth in the market for our products as we increase our production volumes. Allied with this we must significantly improve our communication to satisfy a voracious appetite for all the details of the product, and if there are any expected changes. In 2015 we will attend 3 major railway shows in Glasgow, Birmingham and London where modellers will be able to come and meet the team behind the brand face to face. During the year we will be looking to increase our interaction with our supporters, and continue to work hard to enable them to have a greater understanding of our future developments.

Steam Locomotives
New Announcements
The purposeful tank sat at the top of the LNER  wishlist in terms of 0-6-0s; the locos were introduced in the early part of the 1930s with all surviving through to nationalisation spreading from their initial usage in West Yorkshire to cover much of the former GNR and into GER territories. All were withdrawn from revenue service by 1963. None survived into preservation so it's a case of traditional research and design to bring us a J50 for the 21st century.
Copyright and courtesy of Ben Brooksbank
Any colour you like as long as it's black. But Hornby will be launching with three models in LNER and BR late and early crest liveries with detail variations, particularly with respect to the bunker. It is anticipated that this will be an autumn arrival.



Sprung Buffers
Cab and Tender Detail
DCC Ready
Removable coal load
NEM couplings
Brass axle bearings
5 pole skew wound motor
Die-cast chassis and extra weight

R3324  LNER 0-6-0T J50 Class   £79.99
R3325  BR 0-6-0T J50 Class, BR (Early)   £79.99
R3326  BR 0-6-0T J50 Class, BR (Late)   £79.99
Link to LNER J50 topic

SR Maunsell S15
The early Urie versions of the S15 were introduced before grouping but the Hornby model will cover many permutations of the second and third series of the S15 as built under Maunsell under Southern ownership. The S15 was an all-rounder for the Southern conceived as a heavy freight loco but were frequently found on passenger services especially relief services. They lasted through to 1966 in British Railways service with no less than six examples in preservation.
Copyright and courtesy of Lincolnian (Brian)
Hornby plan to produce several variations with detail variations and different cab/tenders permutations. This model is approaching the tooling stage and it is hoped may be available around June/July.


Sprung Buffers
Cab and Tender Detail
DCC Ready
Removable coal load
NEM couplings
Brass axle bearings
5 pole skew wound motor with two flywheels
Die-cast chassis

R3327  SR 4-6-0 Maunsell S15 Class - SR livery with Urie Bogie tender £134.99
R3328  BR 4-6-0 Maunsell S15 Class - BR early emblem livery with Maunsell flat sided bogie tender    £134.99
R3329  BR 4-6-0 Maunsell S15 Class - BR late emblem livery with Urie Bogie tender   £134.99

Link to S15 topic
GWR King Class



Sprung Buffers
Cab and Tender Detail
DCC Ready
Removable coal load
NEM couplings
Brass axle bearings
5 pole skew wound motor
Die-cast chassis and extra weight

R3330  GWR 4-6-0 'King George V' 6000 Class   £159.99
R3331  GWR 4-6-0 'King James I' 6000 Class   £159.99
R3332  BR 4-6-0 'King Edward VIII' 6000 Class, BR (Late)   £159.99
R3370TTS  BR 4-6-0 ‘King Richard II’ 6000 Class, BR (Early) with TTS Sound   £179.99
LSWR 0415 Adams Radial 4-4-2T
This is one product in this series of announcements where it's unclear whether it will be a 2015 or 2016 arrival.



Sprung Buffers
Cab and Tender Detail
DCC Ready
Removable coal load
NEM couplings
Brass axle bearings
5 pole skew wound motor
Die-cast chassis and boiler


R3333  BR 4-4-2T Adams Radial BR (Early)   £119.99
R3334  BR 4-4-2T Adams Radial BR (Late)   £119.99
R3335  LSWR 4-4-2T Adams Radial   £119.99

New liveries
In celebration of the 80th Anniversary of the LNER's A4s Hornby will release a special set of the earliest liveries as limited edition of 800 pieces of each model.
R3306  LNER 4-6-2 'Silver Link' A4 Class - The Silver Jubilees   £144.99
R3307  LNER 4-6-2 'Quicksilver' A4 Class - The Silver Jubilees   £144.99
R3308  LNER 4-6-2 'Silver King' A4 Class - The Silver Jubilees   £144.99
R3309  LNER 4-6-2 'Silver Fox' A4 Class - The Silver Jubilees   £144.99

R3312  BR 4-6-2 'Minoru' A3 Class BR 1955   £154.99
R3336  LNER 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' A3 Class NRM   £169.99
R3310  BR 4-6-2 'Bude' West Country Class - BR (Late)   £139.99
R3318  BR 4-6-0 'Gilwell Park' B17/6 Class - BR (Early)   £131.99

R3323  BR 4-6-0 Black 5 Class   £134.99
R3301  BR 4-6-0 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe" 4073 Castle Class - BR (Early)  £144.99
R3305  BR 2-6-0 K1 Class - BR (Early), Weathered   £129.99
R3303  BR 4-4-0 D16/3 Class - BR (Early), Weathered   £109.99
R3311  BR 4-4-0 'Westminster' Schools Class - BR (Early)   £134.99
R3315  BR 4-4-0 Fowler 2P Class - BR (Late)   £99.99
R3316  S&DJR 4-4-0 Fowler 2P Class   £99.99
R3304  BR 0-6-0T 700 Class - BR (Early), Weathered  £109.99
R3313  LMS 0-6-0 4F Class - LMS Unlined   £99.99
R3314  BR 0-6-0 4F Class - BR (Early)   £99.99
R3320  BR 4-6-2 'Golden Eagle' A4 Class, BR (Early)   £144.99
Diesel and Electric 
New Announcements
Sentinel 0-4-0 outside cranked drive

R3354  Sentinel 0-4-0 'Barabel'   £55.99
R3355  Sentinel 0-4-0 'Wabtec'   £55.99

New liveries
R3348  EWS Bo-Bo Class 67 67016   £139.99
R3349  EWS Bo-Bo Class 67 67024   £139.99
R3345  Freightliner Co-Co Class 66   £69.99
R3350  DB Schenker Bo-Bo Class 90 90029   £69.99
R3365  East Coast Trains Bo-Bo Class 91 '91120'   £89.99
R3346  DB Schenker Co-Co 'Marco Polo' Class 92 '92009'   £79.99
R3347  EWS Co-Co Class 92 '92019'   £79.99
R3344  Network Rail AIA-AIA Class 31   £162.25
R3342  BR 0-6-0 Class 08, BR Blue   £119.99
R3343  FGW 0-6-0 Class 08, '08822'   £119.99
R3353  Sentinel 4wDH Balfour Beatty   £55.99
R3351  Northern Rail Class 153   £89.99
R3352  FGW Class 153   £89.99
R3340  BR 2-HAL 2 Car Electric Multiple Unit Train Pack, BR Green, Full Yellow Front   £130.25
R3341  BR 2-HAL 2 Car Electric Multiple Unit Train Pack, BR Blue   £130.25
R3215  Eurostar Class 373 Blue Livery Train Pack   £169.99
Trainsets and Trainpacks
R1176  Eurostar Train Set    £174.99
R1183  Master of the Glens Train Set   £179.99
R1184  Western Express Digital Train Set with eLink with TTS sound loco   £299.99

R3299  Going Home' 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII Train Pack Limited Edition   £289.99
R3300  BR 4-6-2 'Winston Churchill' Battle of Britain Class - Late BR Funeral Train Pack Limited Edition   £239.99
R3302  1940: Return from Dunkirk' 75th Anniversary Train Pack Limited Edition   £249.99

New announcements
1928 build steel 'K-Type' Pullman cars saw their initial service on the East Coast routes, some of the East Coast Pullmans transferred to trains on the Southern Region after the introduction of the MetCamm Mk1 Pullmans but I think the only one of this batch that ran on the Southern was the Kitchen First 'Loraine'
The models are at the livery sample stage and Hornby commented that the umber needs adjusting to match previous Pullman models before production. As these models are now tooled and at the decoration sample stage it is hoped they will be available around May. The individually illuminated table-lamps will be LEDs rather than the previous fibre-optic feeds.
Click here for K-type Pullman car topic

R4660  Pullman Third Class Kitchen Car- K-Type Pullman Car   £49.99

R4661  Pullman Third Class Parlour Car - K-Type Pullman Car   £49.99

R4662  Pullman Third Class Brake Parlour Car - K-Type Pullman Car   £49.99

R4663  Pullman First Class Kitchen Car - K-Type Pullman Car   £49.99

R4664  Pullman First Class Parlour Car- K-Type Pullman Car   £49.99

LMS Non Corridor coaches
R4656  LMS Non-Corridor 57' Composite Coach   £40.25
R4657  LMS Non-Corridor 57' Third Class Coach   £40.25
R4677  LMS Non-Corridor 57' Third Class Brake Coach   £40.25
R4677A  LMS Non-Corridor 57' Third Class Brake Coach   £40.25

R4658  BR Non-Corridor 57' Composite Coach   £40.25
R4659  BR Non-Corridor 57' Third Class Coach   £40.25
R4678  BR Non-Corridor 57' Third Class Brake Coach   £40.25
R4678A  BR Non-Corridor 57' Third Class Brake Coach   £40.25

R4580  Eurostar Class 373 Blue Livery Divisible Centre Saloons Coach Pack   £44.99
R4669  GWR Clerestory Third Class Coach   £21.99
R4670  GWR Clerestory Brake   £21.99
R4651  BR Thompson Suburban (Lavatory) Composite Coach, Maroon   £40.25
R4652  BR Thompson Suburban Third Class Coach, Maroon   £40.25
R4653  BR Thompson Suburban Third Class Brake Coach, Maroon   £40.25
R4648  BR Gresley Suburban First Class Coach, Maroon   £40.25
R4649  BR Gresley Suburban Composite Coach, Maroon   £40.25
R4650  BR Gresley Suburban Third Class Brake Coach, Maroon   £40.25
R4675  BR Gresley Suburban Third Class Coach, Maroon   £40.25
R4621A  BR Mk1 Tourist Second Open Coach, Maroon  £24.99
R4643A  BR Mk1 Second Open Coach, Maroon   £24.99
R4647  BR Mk1 Coach, Heavily Weathered, Graffiti, Maroon  £24.99 - I can spot the names of a few product designers on there!
R4619A  BR Mk1 Parcels Coach, Maroon   £24.99
R4642A  BR Mk1 Parcels Coach, Chocolate & Cream   £24.99
R4644A  BR Mk1 Tourist Second Open Coach, Chocolate & Cream   £24.99
R4620A  BR Mk1 Second Open Coach Carmine & Cream   £24.99
R4646  BR Mk1 Parcels Coach 'Express Parcels'   £24.99
R4616A  BR Mk2E Standard Open Coach   £24.99
R4617A  BR Mk2E First Class Open Coach   £24.99
R4618A  BR Mk2E Standard Open Brake Coach  £24.99
R4610A  BR Mk2E Standard Open Coach, BR Blue & Grey, Working Lights   £29.99
R4611A  BR Mk2E First Class Open Coach, BR Blue & Grey, Working Lights   £29.99
R4612A  BR Mk2E Standard Open Brake Coach, BR Blue & Grey, Working Lights  £29.99
R4613A  BR Mk2E Standard Open Coach, BR Blue & Grey   £29.99
R4614A  BR Mk2E First Class Open Coach, BR Blue & Grey   £29.99
R4615A  BR Mk2E Standard Open Brake Coach, BR Blue & Grey   £29.99
R4369B  FGW Mk3 1st Coach   £28.49
R4369C  FGW Mk3 1st Coach   £28.49
R4370C  FGW Mk3 Standard Open Coach   £28.49

R4370D  FGW Mk3 Standard Open Coach   £28.49
R4370E  FGW Mk3 Standard Open Coach   £28.49
R4370G  FGW Mk3 Standard Open Coach   £28.49

R4371A  FGW Mk3 Buffet   £28.49
R4654  FGW Mk3 TGS   £28.49
R4665  East Coast Trains Mk4 First Class Coach   £28.49
R4665A  East Coast Trains Mk4 First Class Coach  £28.49
R4666  East Coast Trains Mk4 Standard Open Coach   £28.49
R4666A  East Coast Trains Mk4 Standard Open Coach   £28.49
R4666B  East Coast Trains Mk4 Standard Open Coach   £28.49
R4666C  East Coast Trains Mk4 Standard Open Coach   £28.49
R4667  East Coast Trains Mk4 Buffet   £28.49
R4668  East Coast Trains Mk4 DVT   £28.49
R4655  DB Schenker DVT 82146   £42.99
R4676  BR Mk3 Intercity Coach Pack x 3   £99.99
New Announcements
21T Hopper

R6675  BR 21 Ton Hopper Wagon 'B413756'   £14.99
R6676  BR 21 Ton Hopper Wagon 'E306626'   £14.99
R6677  BR 21 Ton Hopper Wagon 'E270706'   £14.99
R6691  BR 21 Ton Hopper Wagon Triple Pack   £44.99
LMS Horse Box
R6678   LMS Horse Box '42513'   £19.99
R6678A  LMS Horse Box '42409'   £19.99
R6679  BR Horse Box 'M42369'   £19.99
R6679A  BR Horse Box 'M42178'   £19.99

New liveries

R6705  BR Railfreight HAA MGR Red Frame Wagon   £23.99
R6706  BR Railfreight HAA MGR Red Frame Wagon Graffiti   £23.99
R6707  BR Railfreight HAA MGR Wagon Triple Pack   £69.99
R6708  BR Railfreight CDA Red Frame Canopy Wagon   £24.99
R6717  Hornby Wagon 2015 Conflat and Container   £9.99
R6682B  LNER Extra Long CCT Van '1247'   £13.49
R6682C  LNER Extra Long CCT Van '1238'   £13.49
R6683B  BR Extra Long CCT Van 'E1319E'   £13.49
R6683C  BR Extra Long CCT Van 'E1279E'   £13.49
R6692  BR Blue Spot Fish Van 'E87085'   £10.95
R6692A  BR Blue Spot Fish Van 'E87086'   £10.95
R6692B  BR Blue Spot Fish Van 'E87087'   £10.95
R6713  BR Vent Van Bauxite Triple Pack   £27.99
R6713A  BR Vent Van Bauxite Triple Pack   £27.99
R6696  Coltness Iron Co 4 Plank Wagon   £10.95
R6697  East Walbottle Coal Co. Ltd 4 Plank Wagon   £10.95
R6698  Derbyshire County Council 4 Plank Wagon   £10.95
R6699  Arenig Granite Co. Ltd 5 Plank Wagon   £10.95
R6700  J. James & Co 5 Plank Wagon   £10.95
R6701  Logan & Sons 5 Plank Wagon   £10.95
R6702  Scottish Gas Board 7 Plank Wagon   £10.95
R6703  G.T. Parker & Sons 7 Plank Wagon   £10.95
R6704  Hickleton Main Colliery 7 Plank Wagon   £10.95
R6695  Bitrin Scientific Roads Ltd Tanker Wagon   £13.99
R6709  Loadhaul ZBA Rudd (Black & Orange)   £9.99
R6712  BR Open Wagon Triple Pack   £24.99
R6712A  BR Open Wagon Triple Pack   £24.99
R6508A  BR 20 Ton Brake Van   £14.99
R6710  BR (Dutch) Brake Van (Grey & Yellow)   £14.99
R6693  GWR Toad Brake Van  £16.99
R6694  BR Toad Brake Van   £16.99
R6711  Mainland Freight Blue Shark Wagon   £16.75
R6642C  GWR Shunters Truck (Hales Owen)   £10.95
R6643D  BR Shunters Truck (South Lambeth)   £10.95

R3371  RailRoad LNER 4-6-2 BR 'Mallard' Class A4 Locomotive   £84.99 - DCC Ready
R3359  Railroad Ex-GWR 0-4-0 'Rothery Industrial' 101 Class   £27.49
R3360  Railroad Ex-Industrial 0-4-0 'Hogarth Stone' No.6   £27.49
R3361  Railroad Ex-SR 0-4-0 'Mosley Tarmacadam'   £27.49
R4671  RailRoad LMS 4 Wheel Coach   £14.99
R4672  RailRoad SR 4 Wheel Coach   £14.99
R4673  RailRoad GWR 4 Wheel Coach   £14.99
R4674  RailRoad LNER 4 Wheel Coach   £14.99
R6720  Railroad LWB Open Wagon 'T. Threadgold'   £7.50
R6721  RailRoad LWB Open Wagon 'D.R. Llewellyn'   £7.50
R6722  RailRoad LWB Open Wagon 'LMS'   £7.50

R9804  Skaledale Modern Detached House   £28.99
R9805  Skaledale Garden Cottage   £28.99
R9806  Skaledale Railwayman's Arms   £49.99
R9809  Skaledale Garage Outbuilding   £18.99
R9810  Skaledale Corrugated Iron Workshop   £28.99
R9814  Skaledale Platform Signal Box   £23.99
R9820  Skaledale Diesel Fuel Tank   £13.99
R9821  Skaledale Wayside Halt Building   £35.99
R9822  Skaledale Steam Shed   £49.99
R9823  Skaledale Platform Subway   £18.99
R9824  Skaledale Station Office   £35.99
R9825  Skaledale Railway Stores   £37.99
R9818  Skaledale High Brooms Station   £49.99
R9819  Skaledale High Brooms Platform Building   £35.99



In response to a specific question about the possibility of extensions to Hornby's N gauge range I have been advised that there may be a separate announcement at a future point; my guess would be that could happen during January. There's still no firm news about the Thomas range and it's unfortunate for the potential youngest model audience that it's missing from the announcements for a second year.
In recognition of other developments within the Hornby group it's good to report positive news from within the other brands.
2015 is a very special year for Corgi as it is the 50th anniversary of the company winning the inaugural toy of the year award with the Aston Martin DB5 as seen in the James Bond Goldfinger movie. This car went on to sell in excess of 6,000,000 units, and in November 2015 the new James Bond movie, Spectre, is released adding the next instalment to one of the world’s most successful movie franchises.


In the more traditional Corgi range we have new trains, trucks, buses and cars to please our collectors with an impressive model of the Short Sunderland Mk iii that will certainly excite our aviation enthusiasts.


2015 is also the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain so we have special commemorative packs which will sell alongside our continuing World War I centenary range.


Will 2015 be the year Bloodhound SSC becomes the first car to break 1,000 mph? We’ll have to wait and see but a replica is available now!


I think most people remember what a fantastic toy the Corgi Aston Martin DB5 is, and in 2015 we will share it with a new audience. In 2016 Corgi will celebrate its 60th anniversary so it would be fantastic if we do see Bloodhound SSC become the fastest car in the world with it being part of our range. Corgi has plenty for the collectors in 2015, and we are working really hard on ways to expand the collector market through broadening the distribution of our catalogue.



2015 is looking to be a very exciting year for Scalextric with Formula 1 teams Mercedes, and Mclaren maintaining some of the most exciting drivers with Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso and of course hot off the press Jenson Button!
Coupled with the most desirable racing cars we have one of the most exciting movie lines with the Spectre James Bond set coming out ahead of the movie release, and supported in our micro range.


Sales of Simpsons micro scalextric have surpassed expectations as they celebrate their 25th year, and will continue as part of the character licensed range

People shouldn’t overlook My First Scalextric either which provides the perfect entry into the world of Scalextric.


New cars and future developments of Scalextric App Race Control will provide plenty of further excitement throughout the year with just under 50% of the range being brand new in 2015!


Scalextric is set for a fantastic year as we have two of the most exciting F1 teams for the 2015 race season, and this is coupled with it being a James Bond year. The addition of the tech in our App Race Control system opens up many avenues for expansion of the racing action, and we are looking forward to a steady release programme of racing cars throughout the year!


Airfix will benefit from three major anniversaries through the course of 2015 as the centenary anniversaries of World War I continue, we recognise the Battle of Waterloo taking place 200 years ago and the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
Models reflecting these episodes in our history will be available ahead of the key dates, and allow the modeller to develop a story around these anniversaries.


Coupled with the comprehensive support that the Humbrol range offers we will continue to increase our distribution globally.


From Spring Summer 2015 we will be TV advertising our Quickbuild cars as we bring in the Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, and Mclaren P1 cars to join the growing range.

These super cars have proved of global interest and are taking the Airfix brand into new outlets across the globe.


The Airfix range will benefit from a period of anniversaries that are relevant and of interest to a broad spectrum of modellers. We also expect to see an increased engagement with the Quickbuild product globally as we roll out our range of super cars.

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Thank you very much Andy Y.

Well this year's announcements from Hornby....what should I say? I am utterly pleased. The wallet is going to cry. Got about 5 things to add to the list. It is quite an interesting topic about the price, some have risen no doubt but the prices of many have stayed the same or dropped. The Class 67's have stayed the same and the Class 90 has dropped. I'm pleased. 

A GWR King, Wabtec Sentinel, DBS Class 90, EWS Class 92 and FGW Class 08 make my list. Contemplating a S15.

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And nothing in N....


Gotta say it - "Nothing in it for me"



Hornby's N gauge models will be done under the Hornby/Arnold banner. So if at all anything will be done in N gauge it will be announced by Arnold along with their other N gauge items. Sorry if my "disagree" has upset you. But in the past (not to be taken directly at you) Andy York has specified to stop cluttering these announcement topics with "nothing in it for me" posts.


Furthermore in the past Simon Kohler on behalf of Hornby UK has made it very clear that the N gauge range is personally handled by Arnold and planned by them. The N gauge Brighton Belle was much of a surprise for Hornby UK as it was for us. So judging by that and what Simon said it's most likely that Arnold is in-charge single-handedly with the N gauge side.



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Unfortunatley nothing for me, except the EWS class 67 with other numbers than 67001! ;-) (Thanx Hornby, that makes me happy!)


Bit disapointed that there are no blue/grey and/or IC swallow Mk3's for loco hauled trains. And I think it would be nice to see some Chiltern Mk3's + DVT (and class 67).


And a complete new class 92.. but probably next year...


Uh, and where's the Colas Class 60??? I was counting on that...

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More for the Southern collection here.  


S15 and (fingers crossed after the Exeter debacle) a "late" Bude.


Green FYE 2Hal may also find a home here though a FYE 2Bil would have been guaranteed one.


It appears the air-cons are priced the same whether or not we require internal lighting.  Not sure of the logic there.  I'm not a fan of interior lighting as it so often can't be seen (or isn't effective) yet draws more current.  Lit air-cons with tinted windows ..... hmmmmm 

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  • RMweb Gold

Overall an impressive (once again) programme with some commercially sound, and interestingly priced in some cases, models.  Hopefully they will achieve their production promises and presumably the item lists only new/new livery items as I see the 'Halls' are not listed?


One or two interesting livery 'oopsies' although no doubt they can be corrected before going into production - the 'Castle' (5043) is in the wrong livery as it didn't gain its double chimney until 1958 while I notice the excellent looking LMS horsebox in BR livery is carrying a symbol indicating that it's been condemned.


But that apart a commendable commitment, I think, to the 'modeller market', and something for the collectors too with the 'silver' A4s showing that some of Hornby's commercial acumen has carried on into the new regime.

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Thanks for the announcement details. Can you please clarify what is the story behind the Thompson and Gresley coaches - are they genuinely in post-1956 Maroon as opposed to the previous releases that were described in the catalogue and marketing details as Maroon but were actually and more properly produced in Crimson?


For GE fans the D16/3 62581 was a Norwich engine while B17 61646 was variously at March, Stratford, Colchester and Cambridge.

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