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Managed a couple of hours on this while paint was drying. I'm sort of copying LSWR practice with the cab interior, mainly looking at O2's and G6's working on the principal they'll all be similar, as designed by the same man. Here are the two cab sandboxes, they go in the bunker, cab side corners. I presume as they seem to have wooden tops they lift off for filling. I need to add operating levers.     Next is the locker that fits on the rear spectacle plate. This is ready f


This post brings us up to date.  We start off with a couple of pictures of most of the parts after separation and cleaning. First are the body parts and the second are the frame parts. Doing this lets me see where I am and what else I need to do.       I made a couple of discs that fit onto the firebox sides in the frame cut outs.     Work then progressed onto the cab. The front spectacle plate had the vent holes drilled just under the


Still a little in catch up mode from when rmweb was down.   First part that's really been made, the ash pan. First is the ash pan then sitting under the firebox spacer where it will belong.       I then realised I would need some sides for part of the firebox. Again the first picture shows them net to the spacer, followed by where they'll be against the frames.       Smoke box next. The front and rear were cut out together, an


This is a bit of a catch up. So this is as the pictures were uploaded not as I made the parts.   The sides cut out, the height above the door still needs to lowered.     Cab front and rear were joined and then worked on.       Here are the parts so far.       Footplate was cut out. I did get the front cut out slightly wrong but it won't be seen in the final form.     The drop irons and the buffer


This part of the build is to join together the parts that need to be doubled up. These are soldered together then the drawing is glued on with pritt stick( other versions are available).   The frames are joined.     After glueing the drawing a quick check to see if it has stretched or twisted.     The other parts were done in the same manner.     I did find some Four Track horn guides and blocks. Which will work nicely. I have


Battle has began, after getting the drawing to scale by sizing on the printer I printed out enough copies to cut up and to have a master. I check that they all have come of the printer the same size. I have known them to reduce across the width of the paper. I did do a wagon drawing where the height was reduced by 2mm but, the length was correct.     Next part, to cut out the major parts from the drawings, side tanks an cab, splashers, main frames. I must do the front profile


Time to restart my blog. First item on the agenda is a long term scratch build. Hopefully it will be completed by the end of the year. I still need parts, so these will be sourced when I come to the UK in June.   Let's start with what I will be building. It is an ex LSWR T1 class, designed by Adam’s, 20 built by him, and 30 by Drummond, they differed slightly, I have a feeling I will be building a Drummond built one. It will be finished in Southern olive lined livery with an E prefix.
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