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    Coronavirus Announcement: I have taken the difficult decision today to put the shutter of the shop down. We are no longer allowing customers to visit the store in order to protect us all and to enable the business to stay open. While the shutters are down we are busy processing mail orders and phone orders. Please stay in touch online or over the phone we are here to help. For now we are trying a collection service, but we will ask you to remain in your car until instructed that your order is outside the warehouse 2H door for you. To enable this to work we ask that you place your collection order via the website and let us know you have arrived. After receiving your order ready email (Not before as it may not be ready). A staff member will then deliver your items outside our warehouse door for you to pick up. Thank you for your custom we aim to process all orders as fast as we can. Returns & getting products for sale will be slower than normal as were are implementing a none handling goods procedure after they are delivered for four days. Thanks Peter Corbitt www.petersspares.com 01642 909794
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    When the woman two doors down complains about me tapping track pins in while working on the layout in the garden at 7pm on Saturday now has to put up with builders working inside the house three doors down all day... Karma
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    "Hey Google, add panninis to my shopping list" "I have added pantyliners to your shopping list". FFS!
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    Like so many Grandparents today I will be celebrating my grandson's birthday today. 3 years seem to have flown by and we have always been in contact throughout that time, he's my Best Little Mate. Today will be a strange time for us to communicate and celebrate in the best way we can together and with the difficulties it presents will be challenging. Not the same giving him his card through the letterbox, but I have seen his Brio layout ALL over his sitting room floor and I look forward to the time we can both play with it again together. My heart goes out to ALL Grandparents in these awful times. G
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    was saddened when today at his eye test, upon wishing the excellent East European optometrist good wishes for the future was told that they were leaving because "we're not welcome here". A depressing day.
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    Where is that turkey? It has not arrived!!!!!!!! https://blog.railwaymuseum.org.uk/charles-dickens-missing-christmas-parcel/
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    Do not change your behaviour to avoid being infected. Assume you are infected and change your behaviour to avoid transmitting.
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    I’m nervously waiting to see what tomorrow brings me as an NHS Doctor. But modelling is an amazing relaxation and distraction. Got a project on the go to unwind
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    I returned to work this morning, bursting with enthusiasm, only to be reminded that I had Retired in 2014. Ah well, at least I tried.
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    I’ve joined this forum in the hope some kind people will understand my plight. My husband passed away and I’m left with a lot of OO gauge items I’m not sure what to do with. I will be posting pictures of things I have no idea what they are and hope you can tell me what they are and I can do my research. Thanks in advance.
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    80th Anniversary today of the start of the Battle Of Britain. A great debt of gratitude to all those young men.
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    Can we have a vote for disabling the public message to another member feature? I'd like to see it gone so that messages intended as private don't end up 'inappropriately' public.
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    How much longer, as a supposedly mature and civilised nation, are we going to permit the sale of explosives to untrained and unqualified adults, let alone minors?
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    Cat is out of the bag https://grahammuz.com/2020/08/19/new-development-manager-for-kernow-model-rail-centre-or-letting-the-cat-out-of-the-bag/
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    I'm new to railway modelling (as a grown up at least, after some 'playing as a kid' which now seems like an awfully long time ago!). I've limited space on a window sill around a conservatory so I have my challenges... space, and the problem of fading by the sun Plus, the original concept was a layout for me and my young boy after he discovered my old childhood stuff in a dusty box in a loft. However, my eye for detail has overcome practicalities and I am now going for an accurate rendition of Wiltshire in summer 1945 just after VE Day. So it will always be summer in my conservatory, even when it's winter.
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    Am I the only one happy when my car ticks over 50000 miles and I can spend the next 50 naming 50s?
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    I have just been onto the internet and downloaded a free telephone ringtone to my computer. I have then transferred the new ringtone to my telephone. I have then changed the ringtone on my telephone from the old one to the new one. This is the first time that I have ever attempted such a technical challenge.
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    Wasn't expecting a new Grandson today! Baby Arthur born a month early at 5lbs 1oz. Mum and baby doing well.
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    It's not often you go to photograph a layout and be given the produce of the location of the layout. Thanks Joe! @Phil Parker is currently seeking owners of cake factory layouts on this basis.
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    Covid tip #368: When using an alcohol based hand sanitiser allow it to evaporate before going to the loo.
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    Extremely sad to hear about the sudden passing of Chris Klein (Minerva). A true gentleman and inspiration in the modelling world. RIP Chris
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    I've just realised today is owl day - 2-8-20
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    What is that moment called when you discover you've dripped epoxy all down what, thanks to the enforced inactivity of the last few months, is now the only pair of trousers that still fit you?
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    Do as I say, not as I do eh? Bye bye.
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    Hello! New to this site and to YouTube! I’m a beginner in terms of modelling but have around 10 locos and some respectable stock. Excited to join this community find my channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1mBB0U8ATptKYXNxoSbH3g constructive criticism is very welcome and if you’re not interested that’s fine! Any support is appreciated! Stay safe during the virus people and have a good day. Ollie
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    Whatever else this damned pox has brought to us, it has been a sobering reminder of what sensible traffic levels on the roads are like, as well as the manifest benefits of lower air pollution.
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    Amazing number of people clapping here! Thank you to all NHS workers and volunteers: it makes one proud to be British.
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    Sheena sent home from work coughing. That's us in quarantine for a fortnight
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    First post on RMweb. Picture of my 00 loft layout from a few months back.
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    A very, very proud Grandfather to Grandson number 2 this evening !
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    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Add a sprinkling of ignorance and the determination that only you know what is the truth and it becomes lethal.
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    Handy hint 1: A magnet helps recover track pins after you tip a tin of them all over the floor Handy hint 2 : Not kneeling on the tin after recovering them saves doing the job a second time
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    Still here! Expect a Kingsbridge update this month.
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    Finally decided to join RM Web as its good to see what is being produced and help to improve my own modelling Just finished a 37 as 37057 - damn I hate cant rails and before everyone shouts yes I know it should have a plated over boiler port!
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    Protect our heritage.
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    I've just realised that most of my family live within 260 miles from South Devon. Top banana.
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    Hunkered down in the north east. Involved with an NHS Trust up here, and so proud to be so - its now we see just how very, very grateful we should be for all they are doing. Earlier today someone senior said to me never has the NHS had to respond to such a crisis : and it is responding. Long may it prosper.
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    Etched Pixels is *CLOSED* thanks to Covid19. As an asthmatic the post office is now too scary a place to visit
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    ll I have just recived my 101th job rejection. Feeling very despondent with the direction my life is going.
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    Larry Tesler has died. Rest in Paste.
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    Happily retired,playing trains in the loft and building landscapes.Weakness complete dunce when it comes to electrics,keep it simple is my motto.
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    I've been informed that by keeping my mind active with modelling it will enhance my well being, So may I wish all in the Parish a Happy 2015 !
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    Cordial Felicitations of the Festive Season to one and all!
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    So we have the opportunity to decorate our desks for Christmas - I'm thinking a circle of track and some green felt scenery with brown felt cones for mountains and some lit up buildings...
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    My friend came second in a Brunel lookalike competition. Close, but no cigar.
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    So after my recent English diagnostic for an apprenticeship I've now completed a math diagnostic and the outcome is yet another blow to my self esteem. Despite working in computers for the best part of 25 years I apparently need to practice my negative and positive numbers and I am not very good at working out areas, diameters and radii. I seem to have kept myself gainfully employed for 37 years with these gaps in my skills and with me now in my last decade (if that) of my current line of work I don't think I am suddenly going to be needing to work out the width of a swimming pool when I only know the area, it's height and depth. I really hope they don't suggest or tell me I have to do some remedial work when I meet up with my course support later this week cos I think I know where will tell them to stick it. I am having a hard enough time of it at the moment, my job is solitary, I am not getting out of the house, my state of mind is on the edge and I cannot even garner the confidence to buy some baseboards and begin building a new model railway so I would rather someone didn't tell me that I need to improve my basic math and English.
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    Well, the railway career has been somewhat short lived, after 6 months at SWR it's back to my old job. Going to deeply miss the work and the people, however I'll be clamouring to go back when I can!
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    Well, the interview must have gone well, I've been offered the position of Senior Designer [Signalling]!
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