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  1. There a number of other threads about KDs on 00 stock but here are a few random thoughts I recently wrote down for a friend: I use a combination of NEM (#17-20) in pockets. Face of coupler neeeds to be level with buffer face. But where possible I install boxes for more reliable operation - necessary on a show shunting layout! As most operation on my BR layouts is one-ended I often use a brake van with a boxed KD as the coupler I shunt with rather than a NEM Kadee on a loco. To be fair you can get away with the NEMs most of the time. Get a KD height gauge - the latest
  2. Fortunately I'm within a dog walk of an old foot bridge over the Bristol Bath mainline....bit muddy at the moment...but the hound likes the view and Real Time Trains helps with timing...
  3. I've always favoured plausibilty.....certainly lowers the stress levels...
  4. Two things I do which may help: 1. I use neat PVA to lay a thin (3-5mm)boundary strip of neat ballast along side the sleepers overlapping the cess (which I generally lay prior to ballasting). This helps set the boundary when dry-ballasting and helps hold the shoulder in place. I have used masking tape for the outside of the glue strip when I want a particularly neat finish. I think I picked this up from a US magazine. 2. I use the wet water very fine spray once the rest of the dry ballast is in place and I now use matt medium rather than dilute PVA for the final step(but both work).
  5. We also had an excellent show at Pontefract. Much enjoyed. This was my favourite layout. Burnroyd I think? and these were my co-conspirators on Derwent Road (09) by Bill Flude (on the left in this photo) and this was one of Roger Nicholl's
  6. https://www.modelrailwaysdirect.co.uk/Hornby-oo/ Had this through on an email. Reasonable levels of most but not all of the range as of Wednesday evening Chris
  7. Nothing definite yet but thought is being given to what may be possible by 2022. Chris
  8. I've just seen a lengthy local BBC news item about the pressures (including T&T) currently being experienced by our local posties..I think we need to recognise the pressure they are under. I thank mine whenever possible. I appreciate our hobby and magazines keep us all sane (ish) but they are not in most cases a matter of life and death. Please be nice. Chris
  9. Delivery here normal (early!) so I assume dispatch is OK but I suspect local mail is variable. Chris
  10. Keith will be much missed on the local circuit. I understand there is an emerging proposal among some of his old team to put on a memorial show in January 2022. Chris
  11. I couldn't possibly comment..or maybe I could...those were the days...
  12. Thanks - there's a lot of work goes into these events - and as they say - every day's a school day...
  13. Mick I find lightly tapping the rail with the spoon will dislodge most of the errant ballast making the brushing a little less onerous. I'm sure a carefully distanced airbrush could do the wetting if you don't find the first choice tool.... Chris
  14. Given the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions on gatherings we have decided it will not be feasible to meet at Missenden Abbey in March 2021. We will therefore run the Spring weekend on 6-7 March as another virtual event similar to the Autumn 2020 weekend. Content will include: Backscenes Scenery Locomotive Kit Building Fitting DCC Decoders 3D Printing Laser Cutting Buildings Wiring Best Practice Point Building and Tracklaying Weathering Kitbashing Buildings With live sessions: JMRI Demonstration Weath
  15. Monmouth on 16 February...it closed early so we could all get away because of rising river levels on the Monnow and Wye...I can tick the boxes for both floods and pestilence for 2020....... Chris
  16. One feels that Rules 1(a), 1(b) and 1(c) plus sub-clauses may apply.....let's just play trains....
  17. Stow Rail - a small charity show in a splendid venue . with excellent cake (free to exhibitors...) The organiser is Andrew Eastabrook - "The Colonel" to his serfs (of which I am undoubtedly one)...standing at the back of this crowd in this photo feigning applause....
  18. Don't worry - I've had similar issues. Post via Bristol I fear...
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