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  1. Very neat job. The thing I really like is that you made it with separate sides, ends, and so on, like an old style kit, rather than trying to do it as a one piece item. When I say this to 3D people, they usually say “ah, but you’re not taking advantage of the facility 3D printing offers” whereas I’m convinced doing it the way you made this would give real advantages for things like quantity of material used, and finishing?

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  2. “In villages, the manure would have been rarer” The farm over the way from us was still using horses, I was regularly sent out with an ancient shopping bag and a small shovel, as it was excellent top dressing for dads roses. Villages usually had keen gardeners who would be on the lookout for such treats. There was a traffic on the railway from cities to farms for manure, so maybe the produce from your stables would be collected up, wheelbarrowed into a corner until there was enough to make up a wagon load, so keep busy! 

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