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  1. just noticed a slight brick height scaling difference between 2 pieces of the same brand of embossed sheet that should be exactly the same

  2. lner azuma just seen through wake westgate. are they on test or in service?

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    2. Duncan.


      Sir Douglas, was it taking juice from the ohle or was it running off diesel

    3. sir douglas

      sir douglas

      dont know it caught me by suprise to see it in the first place

    4. Phil Mc

      Phil Mc

      The pans were going up and down, depending on direction of travel.

  3. for some reason ive only now got notifacations for comments made on my blog 8 years ago

    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      I have just been clearing loads of stuff which had been left in approval queues for years. They were there for you to approve before they appeared.

    2. sir douglas

      sir douglas

      thanks, i dont remember ever getting notifacation about them at the time, i didnt know they were thre

    3. chuffinghell


      better late than never :blink:

  4. i dont remember ever hearing or reading about this lnwr challenge but now theres voting for it

    1. mdvle


      The good news from the announcement message is that it is intended by happen yearly

  5. cleaning u under my workbench looking for something dropped, found a bag of haribo probably from last christmas, now eaten

    1. locoholic


      Waste not, want not!

    2. 2mmMark


      Big mistake. The floor will now eat dropped components now the Haribo have gone.


    3. bbishop


      So now a type 2 diabetic! Bill

  6. kitchen window observation of the day: it was nice of DRS to paint one of the 20's in BR blue but not good of GBRF to paint the name plate on a 66 in yellow so you cant read it from over 50ft away

    1. waggy


      Saw 20007 in BR Green livery and 20205 in BR Blue on a RHTT working from my kitchen window today.

  7. the runaway trains thread, "well that escalated quickly" comes to mind

    1. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      Have you checked the copyright on your post ?

  8. has northern just got some hand-me-downs from firstGW? because a dark green sprinter just went by on the Knottingley to Leeds

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    2. bgman


      As a consequence we're left with very little stock !

    3. newbryford


      Plenty of ex-FGW 150s with pink doors and the odd green 153 my way...

    4. cal.n


      I was on a train made up of a GWR green 153 and a FGW purple 150 in Lancashire. They appear to be bringing the weather with them...

  9. going to a field near Cleckheaton full of tanks and trucks

    1. PhilEakins


      Another airport parking company gone bust?

    2. sir douglas
  10. thanks for the replies, first running session today of running done and it went well

    1. Indomitable026


      Whats your layout called?

  11. my first time exhibiting my own layout this weekend

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    2. johnb


      All the best. Remember to have fun!!

    3. LNER4479


      May it be the first of many

    4. AndrewC


      good luck and enjoy yourself.

  12. parkside o gauge buffer kits are soo annoying, those little rings either keep fallng off or you cloigg the stocks with glue, why cant they just be on the stock casting

    1. Phil Parker

      Phil Parker

      Try PlasticWeld glue - I think they are made from ABS which is stronger than normaly styrene.


  13. over a years worth of modelling supplies for free, a big hand full of used firework sticks from the park this morning

    1. 844fan


      Heh that makes me remember that in the summer and fall I can get some free supplies too since I visit a Traction Engine show in my aread where they shave some wood sheets off a log. Darn wish I had gone this year. Not missing next year no way.

  14. my dad has had a go at some weathering last night by spilling his ash tray on the keyboard

  15. what happened to tthat railway watching program, has it been on yet?, i havent heard anything about for a long time

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    2. Alister_G


      Porcy, are you taking the pith?

    3. SHMD


      They have been filming a Man-Picc all week, ready for the live show!

    4. Tim Dubya

      Tim Dubya

      Springwatch for Gricers

  16. currently got 666 posts

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    2. Welly


      Well done you old devil!

    3. Claude_Dreyfus


      A devil of a job!

    4. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      That's a hell of a number.


      Sorry - couldn't resist that one!

  17. im not able cast my votes because i dont know about the candidate locos

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    2. Andy Y

      Andy Y

      I've provided a link to the summary topic which in turn provides links to the individual topics.

    3. Andy Y

      Andy Y

      I've also changed the link at the head of each forum page to go to the list of entries.

    4. sir douglas
  18. im sure that my modelling black hole is getting bigger as ive lost more bulldog clips since using them yesterday

  19. contribulatians for my first o gauge loco actually moves under its own power

  20. just watched Alycidon with a railtour go by while still sat at the computer

    1. flapland


      One product of great engineering still running today and sadly one coming to a end shortly. The later sadly is the Vulcan. One last tour of the UK next weekend and then its over.

  21. hi to anyone on the cathedrals express, just watched you go by from my bedroom window

    1. Londontram


      Hope you wern't stood there in the nip after a shower or something like that

    2. Mallard60022


      ...and I saw you (passengers that is) at Gamston Crossing.....very nice coaches and Tornado looking superb.

  22. just remembered i need to find out how im getting to Cleckheaton this weekend

    1. ozzyo


      Train to Dewsbury then a bus, make sure you get the fast one, the slow one takes an hour.

  23. why not ban a certain member if hes causing alot of hassle in wheeltappers

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    2. Londontram


      Well it all depends how one has had dealings with one for you it might be for me maybe not

    3. Ian Hargrave

      Ian Hargrave

      I think we've been here before haven't we ? If you have to question a decision,then maybe this forum isn't for you.Rules may seem tough but without them chaos rules.

    4. sir douglas

      sir douglas

      im not bothered myself about this but it must be annoying the mods a lot

  24. now joined the 7mm association

  25. is nobody bothered about my kirkgate thread at all?

    1. Metr0Land


      How do we find it without any links?

    2. bgman


      Wat he said !

    3. black and decker boy

      black and decker boy

      Over 90 people have viewed it so it's not been ignored, perhaps just not seen by anyone with knowledge. Try bumping it back up to page 1

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