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A couple from the end of the Tamar Valley Line at Gunnislake taken last sunday, 1st November. 






Another, this time just over the Tamar at Bere Alston this has a 3 minute wait while crew change ends so plenty of time to get off for a photo then back on.



I agree with Rich, Marky - lovely sharp images aided by that wonderful Cornish light! Strange how it seems to change when you cross the Tamar - I wonder if it's because a gloom settles on you as you leave that beautiful county?

Kind regards,


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Following on, with an ETH cable blowing whilst at OC, LA72 was pressed into service for the Monday night down. 605 and set came down ecs for the up as above post. Today's service saw 604 on a Long Rock to Par return driver training turn leaving around 1000. Possible same all week allowing some winter photos, light loco.

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Not exactly today and maybe should be mentioned in the wiretapped section, but a Cornish Railways tie from the 80s is currently going on eBay....... £100 !

Now, how many have I got ?

I'd love one kf those ties but I've seen what they go for on eBay and it's stupid, no way I'd pay anywhere near that much
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Can confirm now that Night Riviera Restaurant First Modular Buffet 10232 will not be internally refurbished or repainted in GWR green. It is to act as spare until refurbishment programme has ended when it will go off lease. Built to a different batch design with different corridor and toilet Windows, it is expected to be replaced with 10217. Dynamic lines will live on a bit longer !

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Oh I don't know, you could always blame it on the spell checker!


I blame many things on the spill chucker but have often wondered whether our profanity filter might object to a comment regarding a pair of small birds ;)

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I'll be glad to see the end of Nov 2015. No glorious Autumn full sun shots to be had anywhere. Wall to wall cloud and rain all month. There was a fine morning but all I could manage was a glint shot from Liskeard box.





A brief burst of sunshine the other afternoon



37603 at Penzance after working 3Q91 overnight Wed / Thurs night.



Also shown is Colas rail 60047 at BZ yesterday 28th Nov. The first visit of 047 to Cornwall, and 076 visited on the same day - though an evening at the St Austell brewery beer festival put paid to any train pictures!










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but all I could manage was a glint shot from Liskeard box.


If that's "all" you could manage then I'd love to see the action on a good day.  Oh wait - we did it together already ;)


That's a cracker of a shot and yet another prime example of being in the right job allowing you to be in the right place at the right time.

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A few from a recent ride on the Looe and Newquay branchlines from 23rd November, on one of the rare sunny days of November 2015!




221131 at Liskeard.






153333 stands at Platform 3 before working the 0959 down to Looe. I was the only passenger on the train from Liskeard until Causeland, where a lady got on.






It was a stunning, and cold late Autumn day down the valley, notice the frost in the first photo of the river.






153333 in the sunshine at Looe.


I then got back on the train which was the 1030 back to Liskeard.




43021 arrives at Liskeard leading 0706 London Paddington to Penzance, which would take me to Par.




43033 was the rear powercar, seen here heading up the hill from Par station, between the semaphore signals.




153318 at Par before working the 11:40 to Newquay.




153318 at Par, high level cloud had moved in by the time the train got to Newquay, but the sun was still shining through it.


After a half hour wait the train worked back to Par.




Back at Par, 43154 is seen leading the 10:06 London Paddington to Penzance.




43040 was the rear powercar seen here leaving Truro.


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That shot of the 60 behind the signal box and by the trees was what all railway pictures should be IMHO. Anybody can take a train speeding along the main line but this kind of photo is the real railway, rusty track, points, and other infrastructure; in other words a railway picture. There's always plenty of front quarter views.



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What's with the return of the Pacers back in the West Country?  I thought they were all but done!




Pacers are still around in the West country, although they usually only operate in Devon based at the Exeter depot and working between Paignton and Exmouth as well as the Barnstaple branch. I believe they are going in the next few years once 158s come back to Devon & Cornwall.

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