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That's another 'wow' Mark, what a superb sharp image and one that I fear will soon be nostalgic on several levels, thank you,

Kind regards,


Indeed it is Jock but the odd thing is how 'nostalgia' changes - a scene with relatively (and in one case there 'very') modern signals plus a relatively modern train looks totally different from a view I have seen in a book.  That photo featured a 'County' and older, more interesting, signals.  Weird isn't it when you think about it.

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With engineering works taking place on the Cornish Main Line on Sunday, the Night Riviera stock was sent straight back up to London on Saturday morning, with a green-liveried set due to be sent down to Plymouth to work the up train on Sunday night. 57303 passes Trenowth between Truro and St Austell with 5Z40, the 09.20 Penzance T&RSMD - London Paddington, which is formed of a complete rake of dynamic lines-liveried Mk 3s.



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Can anyone explain the logic of sending empty trains both ways?



My understanding is that there's some sort of launch event connected with the refurb/rebranding, which requires a green set starting at the western end of the route, but I'm sure someone else on here can provide a more complete explanation.

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Can anyone explain the logic of sending empty trains both ways?



See my previous posts in this thread and the new fgw livery thread in the prototype discussion area. Not explaining again lol etc.... .


With the evenings coming in and the Saturday turn finished, the next 3 Saturday's thanks to engineering works are the last chance to photo a blue sleeper on the mainline in daylight.

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A super, colourful Colas weekend.


Week 25 and the first of 3 weekends blockade Largin to Par. Trains terminated at Liskeard & Par and buses in between. The main worksites were Milltown & Penadlake. $ trains in action all powered by Colas class 70s and a rather special class 60. 60096 was the last withdrawn DBS class 60 stored at St Blazey. Its transformation is truly remarkable.


Pictures taken on 12th / 13th Sep whilst on duty 

























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Here they are passing Dolcoath, with some very large shiny GWR branding applied!






Not so obvious from these shots, but no doubt someone further along the line will have a more side-on view.  I was not expecting any branding to have been applied or might have made more of an effort to get to Penzance instead of watching Ireland thrash Canada!

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