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Southern / BR(S) Layouts


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As the topic title and description says really.

A place to add links (either to threads or blogs) to Southern / BR(s) related layouts here on the forum. In due course I will try and add links to other layouts that I can find.

I will kick it off to a link to my blog on Fisherton Sarum. 4mm Fisherton Sarum is a Southern Railway shed set between 1946 and 1949 using Salisbury as its inspiration.

Frankland - N gauge - Southern Boy
Set in suburban South London 1924 - 1939
South West by Southern - 4mm - Peter Bedding
a "might-have-been". The location is a terminus off an extension of the "Corkscrew", using Dorchester and Yeovil Town as examples of termini that got left behind. set pre 1948
Torrington - 4mm - Darren01
Based on the actual location set in 1950's
Padstow - 4mm - Autocoach
Based on the actual location set pre 1948
Readstoke - 4mm - dwhite4dcc
work in progress set in 1950s
Treneglos - 4mm - 2manyspams
Withered Arm reaches of the ACE set in 1950's
Banstaple Junction - 4mm EM - dessire_luvals
Based on the actual location
South Pimlico - 4mm - Colin
South London set in 1960's
Tarring Neville - 4mm- dseagull
BR(s) Lewes to Newhaven line set 1976-9
Newhaven Harbour - 4mm - Colin Parks
Loosely based on Newhaven Harbour, Some parts of the layout are of actual locations,but not necessarily in the right order! set c1974
Meeth Halt - 4mm - binesrail
Based on actual location in 4ft!
Brighton East - 4mm EM - Kipford
Loosely based on Kemp Town set 1998-2000
Coleborne Junction - 4mm - pitbull1845
Main Line action set 1950-60's
Balcombe - 4mm P4 - 10800
Starting with Ouse Viaduct, then linking to Balcombe, then Lewes, then Eridge ...set 1950's - early 1960's
Eridge 4mm P4 - 10800
Based on actual location set 1950's - early 1960's
Ampton - 4mm - Red Fox
Based on Southampton Central in regards to track plan and lay of the land but the buildings are more 21st century - set in two time frames, 2004-2006-ish and now.
Calshot (4mm, with OO & 009) - SouthernRegionSteam
Based upon the RAF base at Calshot (Southampton waterside area) but with a bit of modellers license to allow for an extension from the Fawley Branch! Set loosely around the 1950s.
Harpford - 4mm 00 - jonte
Ex LSWR in Hamshire towards the end of steam
Horsted Keynes in Preservation - 4mm 00 - Bluebell Model Railway
Based on Horsted Keynes on the Bluebell Railway as it is preserved today
Gough's Yard - 7mm - Jack
An 0 Gauge module with an SECR flavour
Carrick Road - 4mm - BlackRat
West Country withered arm set in the 1960's
Fordingbridge - 4mm 00 - Bill Jones
Salisbury and Dorset Junction railway set in 1950's
Old Road - Hampshire Byway - 4mm 00 - SouthernRegionSteam
Based on the S&DJR and the Old Road, Hampshire, 1950s - 1960s.
Elham Valley Railway - Lyming Station - 4mm 00 - Howardb
Howards model of the SECR Lyming Station set in the 1920's
Westerham Station - 4mm 00 - Westerhamstation
A model of Westerham Station set in the 1950/60s
Tolmouth - 4mm 00 - JZ
An ex GW now SR seaside terminous set in the 1960's
Bournemouth Central - 4mm 00 - updated by Cepic
An impressive scale model of Bournemouth Central and its approaches by the Bournemouth Central Model Railway Group
Calchester and Emshurst - 4mm 00 - FiveandNine
Where SER and LBSC met set I believe in the 1950/60s
Perry Street - 7mm - Cromptonnut
BR(s) 1982ish based on Chard
Bromley North - 4mm 00 - BR(S)
Network South East in South East London set mid to late 1980s
Bishops park - 4mm 00 - Matloughe
BR(s) suburban terminus set in 1960's
Torr Gifford - 4mm P4 - Torr Gifford LSWR 1951-71
ex LSWR in North Devon set 1951-71
Appledore - 4mm 00 - Roundhouse
North Devon set in the 1960s
Seaton - 4mm P4 - Tender
A south west terminus based on Seaton in Southern days
Fulking Road Halt - 4mm 00 - Nest
An imaginary branch off the Shoreham-Horsham line at Steyning.
Dover Priory, Dover Town Yard & Dover Marine - 4mm 00 - Ferriesdover
Dover set in the 80's
Poole Station- 4mm 00 - AngryMeerkat
Poole station c/w 3rd rail set BR Blue 70's to present day
Minster on Fosse - 4mm 00 - Peter Bedding
a "might-have-been". The location is a terminus off an extension of the "Corkscrew", using Dorchester and Yeovil Town as examples of termini that got left behind. set pre 1948. Peter's 'South West by Southern' plans consolidated
Star Lane, Hooley - 4mm 00 - Mike (friend of Roundhouse)
A representation of the real location at Hooley, between Cousldon and Redhill where the ex LBSCR Brighton mainline crosses over the ex SER line via Redhill. It will be modelled as it was in the sixties.
Beer and Branscombe - 4mm 00 - Gwiwer
The "what if" scenario extends the Seaton branch by a mile or so to Beer with a single track extension cut through massive hills to link it with Seaton and Exmouth upon which Branscombe is a mid-point.
Somewhere in East Dorset - 2mm N Gauge - Dorsetmike
1930's Southern in East Dorset.
Lulworth Castle - 4mm 00 - PaulRhB
A Purbeck terminus set in the 1950's
Cliddesden - 4mm EM - bodmin16
Cliddesden on the Basingstoke and Alton line is the inspiration for this layout set in the 1950/60's assuming the line was upgraded from light rial construction after WW1
Kelly Bray - 7mm - PD&SWJR
Paul's delightful 7mm Callington inspired layout. His rolling stock thread is here
Bardown Road - 4mm 00 - Wellsy
BR(s) set “somewhere in the Sussex weald”, close to the sea.
Whitecroft Lane - 4mm 00 - 80104 Productions
Set in the 1960's, and based on the southern region, this is a small shunting yard loosely based on some sidings at Poole station.
Meopham East Junction - 4mm 00 - Judge Dread
Southern Region third rail set in 1960's
Dunestone - 2mm N - Talisman56
A port/holiday resort 'somewhere on the south coast between Weymouth and Dover
Pencarrow Bridge - 7mm 0 - 2ManySpams
The terminus of a low grade LSWR branchline that is signalled (think Bodmin North to Boscarne Jct)
Westhaven - 4mm 00 - derekchilds
A might have been, leaving the Southern mainline west of Crewkerne set 1959- 1963
Branchline to Swanhurst - 4mm 00 - clarkeeboy56
Inspired by Hawkhurst this is a might have been extension to the line
Sandhurst - 4mm 00 - Nest
Southern Railway in deepest Kent
Bembridge IoW - 4mm 00 - Bike2steam
Paul's thread looking back at his previous layout of Bembridge in the Isle of Wight built over 20 years ago
Croydon North Street - 4mm 00 - Pete 75C
Southern Region 3rd rail in the 1970's, 80's & 90's
Mid Cornwall Lines - 4mm - 00 - St Enodoc
Although predominantly WR, there will be some Southern Region action along a fictitious connection from Grogley Junction, set in the 1950's
Medway Valley - 4mm - 00 - jburgt
It represents Wateringbury Railway Station, the Stone Lock Railway Bridge and Beltring & Branbridges Halt, at the Medway Valley Line (period 1945 - 1960) being built by Jburgt in the Netherlands
West Croydon - 4mm - Pete 75C
80s/90s Network South East following on from his Croydon North Street
Saltdean - 7mm - Kirtleypete
O Gauge LBSCR pre grouping splendour 1885 to 1890's
Compton Goods - 4mm - Mightbe
Late 1960's goods facility nr Shawford
Aylestone West - 4mm - Shanks522
Southern Region 3rd rail Network South East 1980's
Ruby Road - 4mm - ess1uk
Fictitious South West location (SR/WR) set around 1987
West Sands - 4mm - Geep7
A 'what might have been' Southern Region branch line terminus, with 3rd rail set roughly around 1970
Wartime Sussex 1943ish - 4mm - GreenGiraffe22
Title says it all really..
Meopham - 4mm - SRlouis
A depiction of Meopham station in Kent set between 1937 and 1948
Churminster and Stowe Magna - 4mm - slowcomo
A large Southern freelance project set just pre WW2 to nationalisation
Canute Road Quay - 4mm - Graham_Muz
A small 4ft x 1ft dockside timesaver shunting puzzle set somewhere around Southampton - 1946 onwards
Oak Hill - 4mm - Bluelightning
Oak Hill is a fictional layout set on the eastern border of LBSCR territory with the SECR having running rights over the line. It is set in the earliest years of the 20th century.
Hailsham - 4mm - Bluelightning
A representation of Hailsham pre Grouping LBSC layout set in the pre-WW1 period
Robertsfield - 2mm N - Robertsfield
Southern Region - South West division, layout, based in the steam to diesel/electric transition period.
Up The Junction - 4mm - PatermosterRow
South London inspired micro layout
Sheep Chronicals Mutton - 4mm - NHY581
Mutton. An intermediate station on the Lamb Regis branch, circa 1955-1962
Basingstoke - 4mm - 71000
Basingstoke set 1958 to 1967
Canterbury Road (Mk2) - 4mm - Fishplate

SR in Kent
Tillingham - 4mm - Huggy
Small space BR(s)

Waddlemarsh - 4mm - Gwiwer

Somewhere southwest of London sometime before today

Titherliegh - 4mm - Claude_Dreyfus ((Liphook & District MRC)

Early BR southern region Devonshire.

Bleat Wharf - 4mm - NHY 581

 Ex-L&SWR goods yard somewhere in Devon

Ladycross - 4mm - Middlesea John (Hull MRS)
New Forest steam Summer 1962

Bermondsey (Canal Road) - 4mm - sem34090

1940s South London

Cadhay Sidings - P4 - CDGfife

Sidmouth Branch  set 1930s

Bosnport - 2mm 'N' - JimSan

South Coast 

Sidmouth - 4mm P4 - 10sidmouth

An  exquisite recreation of Sidmouth in BR(s) days 

Vintners' Yard - EM - Burgundy

Small space pre-grouping LBSC

Hurstmonceux -EM - Burgundy

More pre-grouping LBSC Splendor set 1875ish

Charlton Bridge - 4mm- ikcdab

1960's SW mainline (in a shed to die for!)

Blackmoor (Gate) - 009 - Roundhouse

Lynton and Barnstaple set 1930s

Beaminster Road - 00 - Jack Benson

A South Western located Southern Region wayside station set in the early 1950s

Farleigh - 00 - Col.Stephens

1930s Southern Railway branch line terminus

Basingstoke Shed 70D - 00 - 30368

Basingstoke Steam shed as in the 1950s and 60's to replicate the passing of time. 

Feel free to add links to your or other layouts to this thread and I will update this OP accordingly

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The Station Tea Rooms at Crediton, in the station building, is a fine place. I had occasion to visit it twice in the last few weeks, both occasions for work purposes, as it happens.


Inside, there is this rather fine embryonic Scale 7 model of Crediton itself, inside a glass case:











And just to remind ourselves, here are a few photos of the real thing, in it's present day L&SWR colours, all done by the local station supporters group:


(a happy coincidence at work resulted in NR painting the signalbox in L&SWR colours as well. It had been planned to do it in green and cream, but when I overheard a conversation about it, I was able to steer them towards the older livery, knowing that the station support group had expressed a wish to see it that colour).








Sorry about the motive power!...


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Count me in with Treneglos our Southern , well BR(S), layout set on the Withered Arm in the late 50s / early 60s. Link hopefully in my signature. More to follow when I next have access to a real PC.


Edit: from January 2018 the layout has been bought from the group and in the ownership of a new team in the SE.

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I currently have 2 BR(S) layouts on the go - "Clerebury Town" (Bournemouth line in the east Hants area, mid-60s era) and the replacement for my exhibition layout "South Pimlico" which is in the planning stage; this will ultimately cover two separate eras - 1966/67 (end of SR steam) and late '70s BR blue era.

Pics of part-built Clerebury Town will follow once I've cleared some of the junk off the boards!

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Just a quick post to bump to the fact that I have updated the OP to include a list of layoutlinks. If there are any I have missed or you would like adding let me know and I will update accordingly.

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My layout http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/2025-ampton-post-privitisation-oo-in-the-south/


Based on Southampton Central in regards to track plan and lay of the land but the buildings are more 21st century (most of them).

The way my stock situation is the layout is set in two time frames, 2004-2006-ish and now. Unfortunately haven't had much time to do any work on the layout recently. However there are changes afoot.

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West of Yeovil but east of Exeter


Having shrugged off the S&DJR escapade, the thread can have a new beginning.




Hello Tim


I am watching with much interest. Your track plan is spot on for much of the ex-LSW network, but a little re-writing of history may be appropriate for other features of the station site. Originally, the Salisbury and Yeovil Railway, Exeter extension, had a very definite house style for the station buildings, and goods sheds. Much was in place by 1860, and remained until Beeching. Some of the station houses seem to have been modified, either with enlargements, or simplifying the gable ends, but the house style remained.


I have chosen to side-step the problem by inventing a fictitious cross-country route and terminus, but still hoping to keep the Yeovil to Exeter architectural style. Scratch-construction of these buildings will be my limiting factor.



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