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Dave Jones leaving Dapol in August


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Fully agree Matt - he's certainly been an excellent presence on here for his employers and I too wish him all the best wherever his future takes him  (just the sort of bloke Hornby could do with as we've seen some truly clever design from Dapol in the past few years ;) ).  But wherever his future path leads I do hope he stays associated with the model railway industry as he definitely seems to have the necessary to keep Chinese suppliers on the straight & narrow.


So best of luck Dave and I hope the move is a success for you and whoever you become associated with in the future.

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I'd like to pay tribute to Dave and his achievements at Dapol over the years. Dave has been instrumental in pushing product development and specifications forward particularly in the N gauge sector of the hobby to give genuine competition in the marketplace which has, at least in part, contributed to an ever increasing breadth of products for modellers and innovation which has been an award winner over recent years in the Model of the Year poll. The more recent investment in modern spec 4mm locos in the shape of the 22 and the Western have been met with acclaim. Dapol may have had critics at times and even Dave himself but Dapol's recent developments have Dave's fingerprints all over them. Dave's also been brave enough to frequent these pages through the whole process of model development and assist in after-sales queries.For that he deserves recognition and I wish him future success following his decision. 


I'm sure Dave will still be an active member of RMweb on a personal basis but we may have to rename him NotDapolDave. ;)

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Only 'know' you through RM Web's pages, but Dapol's recent well-deserved accolades and some outstanding WR Hydraulic products in both N and 00 seem to be so clearly due to your efforts, and so you certainly deserve our heartfelt thanks!  Yes, some people in China have caused you and some of us a certain amount of grief, but it has been so refreshing to have such a high level, totally hands-on spokesman on here representing a young but fast developing manufacturer.


If you are staying in the British model railway production industry, then one of the other players is certainly very likely to move rapidly up the league table!  If you are leaving this industry, we'll all be closer to where we were at a few years ago, sadly.


Wherever you are going, whatever you are going to do next, then I for one, wish you all the best.


Richard, a Dapol N'thusiast with a membership number under 20.

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It seems a long time ago when I remember Dave as a member if the Banbury MRC and also Nthusiasts Resprays. I have seen Dave modeling abilities improve beyond what most of us could only imagine. Dapol has had some interesting times in the past but now (thanks to Dave) is producing models of a far higher quality than some of their competitors.


All the best to him however I am sure we will all see him again at a Show in a red and yellow shirt maybe?



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Hi guys,


Thanks for the kind words and yes I can confirm I have resigned from Dapol on Monday of this week.


Obviously I won't go into my reasons for the surprise decision as this would be wrong and unprofessional.


I wish the owner Craig and all the staff the best in the future too, and have offered to go in as a consultant as needed on a 2 days a week basis, but we shall see if that happens.


In the meantime to paraphrase a well known railway phrase "per chance he is not dead, but sleep eth"

I have big exciting plans now which will be announced on Saturday 6th September at the TINGS show at Leamington, and on /in the media and forums on that day.


So don't worry............now what colour shirt to I wear? White with red writing or white with blue?

Decisions decisions! Lol (joking)




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Good luck Dave - I hope you've had the opportunity to give your replacement some suitable advice (such as carry on where you left off?)


From a satisfied Dapol customer.

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I read this news earlier today when I was at work.


I can only echo what others have said. Dave's involvement and innovation in the development of Dapol's N Gauge range has without question made "the competition" sit up and take notice and were it not for this I wonder, would we be seeing the range and quality of N products we are today?


Would there have been in N: -


DCC Ready?


Ready to plant working signals? 


Close coupling mechanisms on coaches and even some wagons?


Lighting for coaches?


NEM pockets?


Easi-Shunt style working knuckle couplings?


From my conversations with Dave at various shows his passion and enthusiasm for what he does is abundantly clear - he is an enthusiast, prepared to put his hands up if something isn't right and do something about it but equally prepared to give credit to "the opposition" for a job well done like the Blue Pullman and the A1.


I too hope he stays in the hobby and continues to do what he does well.


In the short term I worry a bit for Dapol - they are a small company and he has been a driving force. Dave will be hard to replace and a hard act to follow.



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