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Southern / BR(s) Product Review / Discussion Forum Links


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http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/101705-kernow-model-rail-centre-bulleid-diesel/A list of reference links to product reviews / discussions relevent to Southern / BR(s) elsewhere on the Forum


2 EPB photographic review
2 EPB dicsussion
10000/10001 (they did of course run on the Southern Region)
Wainwright C Class 0-6-0
Latest batch of Bulleid Coaches
25t Pill Box Brake Van
Kernow models / Scenecraft LSWR Brick Built signal box
Marsh H2 Class Atlantic 4-4-2
Model Rail Magazine - USA Tank
ex SECR Birdcage coaching Stock 
ex LBSC E4 Class
Kernow Models 4-TC unit
Bulleid Coaches

Marsh H1 Class Atlantic 4-4-2

Hattons Models - 10000/10001
Class 73 (00)

DJ Models
Kernow Models - ex LSWR Gate Stock
Kernow Models - Beattie Well Tank
Kernow Models - O2
Class 71 (00)


Kernow Model Rail Centre


Bulleid Diesels
Graham Farish

Bulleid Merchant Navy - Original Style
Bulleid Coaches
ex SECR Birdcage Coaching Stock

Rail Exclusive - improved Class 33
Class 33
Class 33 and Class 26 (0 Guage)
Class 07

Brighton Belle - 5 Bel
A1x Terrier
Bournmouth Belle 12 wheel pullman packs
Pete Waterman N15
Class 73
Collectors Club T9 '120'
T9 including modifications
395 Javelin
Bogie Van B includes advice on converting to EM gauge
Diagram 1529 and 1530 Cattle wagons
Maunsell Pull Push sets
Winston Churchill Funeral Train Pack
Original Merchant Navy
Class 71
Maunsell 58' ex LSWR rebuilt coaches
H Class
4 VEP EMU Class 423
0415 Adams Radial 
Lord Nelson 
Maunsell Kitchen Diner
Arnold - Hornby International
Brighton Belle in 1.148 N gauge
Replica Railways
EMU Chassis

Smaller Suppliers
RT Models - Light Pacific Cylinder Drain Pipes

Chivers now re-releasing their kits for a Brighton D3 and Wainwright J
00 Works - ex LBSC Marsh I3 Ready to Run
Oxford Rail
0415 Adams Radial
P Class 0-6-0T 


Rails / Dapol / NRM


A1 /A1X Terrier 0-6-0t 

Other Southern / BR(s) related RTR product reviews can also be found here in the modelling section of the SeMG Website.


If there are threads that I missed or you think should also be linked from here please let me know.

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Hi Guys


I have updated the OP to include a link to the to discussion thread on the latest versions of the Bachmann Bulleid coaches.


As I stated in the OP my intention for this thread was to provide A list of reference links to product reviews / discussions relevent to Southern / BR(s) elsewhere on the Forum , with the emphasis on discussion elsewhere on the forum, rather than try and link to every possible supplier of Southern / BR(s) related products.


I am happy for other members to post such links or perhaps we should have a separate thread for such, what do you think?

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Welcome back Graham, and I hope Iberia was good to you!


I would favour two locations - one for Forum links, one for external links to suppliers. I think we Southern people are well-blessed with suppliers and they might dominate any single list, being, in effect, a rather bland statement of what they offer, while Forum links typically lead to a real person who has bought and built or used a product. I certainly find others' validations and endorsements helpful in prioritising what I buy. That said, Kernow's new Bude signalbox looks a dead cert to be a popular item without any need for buyer feedback!

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Ideally I was keeping this thread for links to other threads on the forum discussing SR/BR(s) related content, so I have arranged for the last couple of posts to be moved across to the Southern / BR(s) product news thread here


I have also updated the OP to include a link to the Kernow / Bachmann Scenecraft LSWR Brick Signal Box.

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OP Updated to include the Dapol Class 73, USA tank and also the Gate Stock sets from Kernow Model Centre that appeared to have missed being included.

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